Sauna Tent

These tent saunas are purpose-built in Siberia for sauna use.

Since the fabric used to make tent saunas (Oxford 600D Polyester, not less than 2000mm water column, and frost resistance to - 50C) is untreated, customers can enjoy a steamy session without worrying about inhaling any dangerous chemicals. The key virtue of this material is that it is not flammable and instead slowly melts when exposed to flame. The frame is aircraft aluminium (D16T) for durability in severe weather. Top seamstresses hand-sew each tent to assure a flawless construction and, in turn, a fantastic sauna experience. Tent saunas and banyas are extremely portable; you can put one in the back of your car and take it with you wherever you go.

Tent sauna for three persons

sauna tent for three persons
sauna tent element

Tent saunas like this one are ideal for use in the great outdoors. With its dimensions of 190x190x195 cm, it can comfortably house up to three adults or two adults and two children. The tent itself is manufactured from 100 % untreated Oxford (600D) Polyester, and the poles are fashioned from aircraft aluminium (13mm in diameter). You won't have to worry about breathing in toxic chemicals or worrying about the tent catching fire like you would if you tried this with a "normal" tent.

The door design is what makes this sauna/banya and all of our saunas special and distinct. Our tents include swing doors that allow for easy and rapid entry and exit, as opposed to the zippers found on other tents (and eliminating any worries about getting stuck in a hot sauna). This hinge-like swing door has a tension strap that may be tightened to keep it closed.

Within 30 minutes of starting up the wood-burning stove, you and your visitors may relax in a toasty sauna, regardless of the weather outside. The entire tent sauna, including this model, weighs only 25 kilograms (18 kilograms for the stove and 7 kilograms for the tent), and it can be easily transported in only two bags (one for the stove and the other for the tent).

So, what do you get? Our tent saunas include everything you need to set up and use the sauna, including a tent, burner, stove pipe, storage bag, and instructions.

Comes complete with the tent, stove, stove pipe, carrying case & instructions.

Sauna tent portable illustration
Sauna tent portable

There is no need for rocks in this portable sauna because the stainless steel burner has a built-in water tank and steamer. In our other prototypes, we stack pebbles on the burner and then pour water over them to create steam. The tent's stove has a water valve that can be used to continuously generate steam for therapeutic purposes or to give hot water for further bathing. The whole thing can be carried in a backpack and weighs only 12.8 Kg, making it ideal for your next outdoor excursion, whether it be camping, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, or something else entirely. You can have a great, hot sauna in any environment in around 10 minutes after setting up the tent, and within 30 minutes after lighting the stove (for you and up to 2 other bathers).

The untreated Oxford 240D Polyester used to make the tent's fabric is heat resistant, and the Aircraft alloy D16T used to make the tent's frame and poles have an anodized coating to prevent rust. The burner of the MB-170 is built of stainless steel, making it lightweight enough to be packed away in a backpack.

Tent sauna measurements and complectations

  • Tent = 170x170x170cm
  • Stove = 26cm diameter x 40cm height
  • Backpack =¬†42cm wide x55cm height x 27cm depth

Package includes everything you need to enjoy a sauna

Tent, Frame, Stove (Gigue) with 4 piece chimney, ground pegs and instructions.


Tent roofs are only adequately protected from burn-through sparks if a specialized spark protection cover (IZN) is used, the manufacturer says. Sparks are less likely to escape the chimney on the Median and Sogra furnaces thanks to the built-in spark plug. This device is available as an IZN add-on, however, it does not offer foolproof safety (even with low-sparking gasoline and routine chimney cleaning). The manufacturer does not provide a 100% warranty against burn-through of the roof when using tents with stoves without the usage of spark protection capes IZN, thus, we recommend getting them separately when you buy our tents.

Tent is a universal mobile sauna for excellent rest

Tent sauna features

1. Awning from waterproof and durable fabric

The tent's awning is built from Oxford 240T PU 3000 fabric, which is waterproof, dense, and sturdy (resistant to a water column over 3000 mm.). It shields effectively against precipitation and high winds. resistant to the deforming effects of heat.

2. Awning suspension system with zippers

The MB-15 shares the same 10-mm-wide, extremely durable zippers with the MB-10A, MB-103 M, and MB-104 M for its tent's suspension system to its tent frame. In addition to facilitating a speedy set-up, this method ensures a secure connection between the tent's frame tubes and the awning fabric once the latter is incorporated into an electrical circuit.

3. Large swing door

A hunter or fisherman, fully laden down with gear, can pass through the door with ease because of its spacious flow space. Allows you to get out of the tent fast in an emergency and keeps the entrance from flapping in the wind.

4. Hermetic valve all over the door

Each tent entrance has its own special herbal valve swing door design that extends to cover the full next wall. It promotes a tight fit between the door and the tent and provides dependable insulation for the sash and the entire door assembly.

5. Protective valve against rain and wind

The tent's door and window are equipped with a sophisticated hermetic valve that keeps warm air inside and effectively blocks precipitation and wind.

6. High temperature in the sauna

The "Parobomb" sauna stove, which generates steam, along with the steam room's appropriate volume, allows for rapid heating.

7. Reliable aircraft alloy frame

Tent frame made from high-strength aircraft alloy D16T (used in aviation and astronautics), with a significant safety margin and resilience to intense wind loads. The frame's tubes measure 16 mm in diameter. Tubes measuring 22 millimetres in diameter serve as external frame adapters.

8. Large window size 69x69 cm

The sauna tent has a zippered window that may be removed, a mosquito net, and a 690x690 mm fabric plug. If you don't want to use a window, an anti-mosquito net or cap can serve the same purpose of controlling airflow and light exposure.

9. Swing door assembly with a pressure valve

A swing door with a sealing valve keeps out the cold, drafts, and dust reliably within Tant. Everyone who shivered while trying to unzip the door or push the buttons will be pleased with her.

10. Hermetic valve all over the door

Such a pressure valve design prevents dust, wind, and cold from entering the tent along the whole door's perimeter. It also helps the Sauna heat up quickly and keeps the heat inside the tent.

11. Metal cutting for chimney stove

Extreme heat does not bother her. A specific PVC valve is used to hermetically seal off the groove when a tent is used in place of a furnace.

12. Forced ventilation for the furnace

A tent's ventilation comes from a mesh window designed to keep mosquitoes out. A steady supply of oxygen is ensured, which is vital to the furnace's proper functioning.

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