Sauna Tent

These tent saunas are purpose-built in Siberia for sauna use.

Tent saunas are made from fabric (Oxford 600D Polyster, not less than 2000mm water column and frost resistance to minus 50C) has not been treated with any chemicals, meaning when super heated, users won't be breathing in any harmful fumes like they would in typical camping tents. The main benefit of this fabric is that it is not flammable but rather slowly melts if exposed to flame. Frame is made of aircraft alluminum (D16T) to help withstand vigorous climate conditions. Tents are handmade by the top seamstresses to ensure a high quality finish and therefore great sauna experience. All tent saunas/banyas are very portable and can easily be transported in the trunk of a car for instance.

Tent sauna for three persons

sauna tent for three persons
sauna tent element

This tent sauna is the perfect outdoor sauna for any occasion. Its size of 190x190x195 cm means that there is ample room to accommodate up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. Its poles are constructed of 13mm aircraft aluminum and the tent is made from untreated 100% Oxford (600D) Polyester. Not only is it naturally fire resistant but you won't be breathing in any harmful chemicals like you would if you tried this with a "regular" tent. What's so great and unique about this sauna/banya and all our saunas is the design of the door. Unlike a typical tent where there is a zipper to get in and out, our tents have swing doors making for a quick and easy entry/exit (and eliminating any worries about getting stuck in a hot sauna). This swing door, which is a hinge-like construction, stays tightly closed with the help of an adjustable tension strap. It takes about 10 minutes to set up, and within 30 minutes of firing the wood-burning stove you and your guests will be able to enjoy a nice, warm sauna, no matter what the outside temperature is. This model weighs only 25 kg (18KG stove & 7KG tent) and like all our tent saunas it's very portable as it fits into two bags (one for the stove and the other for the tent). What’s included? All our tent saunas come complete with the tent, stove, stove pipe, carrying cases and instructions.

Comes complete with the tent, stove, stove pipe, carrying case & instructions.

Sauna tent portable illustration
Sauna tent portable

This Back Pack tent sauna comes with a stainless steel wood burning stove with built in water tank and steamer so no rocks are needed. In our other models, rocks are piled on top of the stove and once heated, water is poured on top to generate steam. Tent's specialized stove creates an ongoing steam room atmosphere and also has a water valve to provide hot water for additional bathing.This entire assembly fits inside a backpack and weighs only 12.8 Kgs making this very easy to carry and therefore fantastic for your next camping trip, hike, ski/snowboard adventure or any other outing for that matter. About 10 minutes to setup and within 30 minutes of lighting the stove, you and up to 2 other bathers will enjoy a nice hot sauna in any climate.

Tent material is made from untreated Oxford 240D Polyester which is heat resistant and the frame/poles are made from 10 mm Aviation alloy D16T with anodized coating. MB-170's stove is made from stainless steel allowing it to be light enough to carry in the backpack.

Tent sauna measurements and complectations

  • Tent = 170x170x170cm
  • Stove = 26cm diameter x 40cm height
  • Backpack = 42cm wide x55cm height x 27cm depth

Package includes everything you need to enjoy a sauna

Tent, Frame, Stove (Gigue) with 4 piece chimney, ground pegs and instructions.


The manufacturer warns that reliable protection of the roof of the tent against burn-through sparks can be provided only by a special spark protection cover (IZN) . Built-in spark plug on the Median and Sogra furnaces"only reduces the likelihood of sparks falling out of the chimney. But it does not provide 100% protection (even with the use of low-sparking fuel and regular chimney cleaning) as an IZN option, you can order this product as a separate special order. The manufacturer strongly recommends purchasing IZN when you buy our tents, since we do not give a 100% guarantee to protect the roof from burn-through when using tents with stoves without the use of spark protection capes IZN

Tent is a universal mobile sauna for excellent rest

Tent sauna features

1. Awning from waterproof and durable fabric

The tent has a durable awning made of waterproof, dense and durable Oxford 240T PU 3000 fabric (resistance to a water column over 3000 mm.). It reliably protects from rain and strong wind. Not deformed by high temperatures.

2. Awning suspension system with zippers

The suspension system of the tent to the tent frame of the MB-15 is the same as the MB-10A MB-103 M and MB-104 M with strong zippers 10 mm wide. Such a solution provides not only quick installation of the tent, but also tight coupling of the tubes of the frame with the product's awning, when the fabric becomes part of the power circuit.

3. Large swing door

The door has a large flow area through which a fully equipped hunter or fisherman easily passes. If necessary, allows you to quickly leave the tent and prevents the door from opening from the wind.

4. Hermetic valve all over the door

Herbal valve swing doors in tents have the unique design that covers the entire adjacent part of each door. It ensures that the door fits snugly to the tent's tent and ensures reliable insulation not only of the part of the sash, but of the entire door assembly ...

5. Protective valve against rain and wind

A special hermetic valve is installed on the door and the window, which retains heat in the tent and reliably protects against the ingress of rain and wind drops.

6. High temperature in the sauna

Thanks to the optimal volume of the steam room and the combination with the steam generating Sauna stove “Parobomb”, the steam room is quickly heated.

7. Reliable aircraft alloy frame

The tent frame with a large margin of safety of high-strength aviation alloy D16T (used in aviation and astronautics), characterized by high resistance to strong wind loads. The diameter of the tube frame is 16 mm. External frame adapters are tubes with a diameter of 22 mm.

8. Large window size 69x69 cm

The sauna tent is equipped with a removable window, an anti-mosquito net and a fabric plug with a size of 690x690 mm. To adjust the ventilation and the penetration of light, instead of a window, you can put an anti-mosquito net or cap.

9. Swing door assembly with a pressure valve

Tant has a swing door with a sealing valve, which reliably isolates the interior from the cold outside air, drafts and dust penetration. She is sure to please everyone who tried to open the door in the cold at the zipper lock or buttons.

10. Hermetic valve all over the door

Such a design of the pressure valve completely excludes (along the entire perimeter of the door, including the bottom) the entry of cold outside air, drafts and dust into the interior of the tent. Additionally, it retains heat in the tent and provides quick heating of the Sauna.

11. Metal cutting for chimney stove

She is not afraid of high temperatures. It is installed on a PVC substrate and has a special PVC valve for hermetic isolation of the groove when using a tent without a furnace.

12. Forced ventilation for the furnace

In tent, a special window with an anti-mosquito net for ventilation is provided. It provides a stable access of oxygen, which is necessary for normal operation of the furnace.

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