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It's a really great alternative for sauna-lovers to have your personal relaxation area

Portable sauna types

There are two standard kinds of portable sauna: infrared and the portable steam sauna. Infrared systems do not require any water or condensation. Instead, infrared heating systems actually penetrate under the skin, still generating heat and sweat but in a much quicker timeframe. These are the same invisible rays created by the sun, but they are not harmful like UV rays and produce a more efficient way to soak up the warmth.

However, if you’re a traditionalist and like your water vapor, then a portable steam sauna may be the way to go. These units still do not require plumbing; you simply pour a few quarts of water into a reservoir under the seat and plug it in. Soon the water will heat within the enclosed space and make a nice steam. There are always temperature settings and automatic shut-offs on portable steam saunas just in case you lose track of the time as you unwind and let go of the day.

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Portable steam sauna Australia

While more and more of these portable saunas are being released by all kinds of manufacturers, you can count on the models presented here to stand the test of time.

Enduring hot, sweaty temperatures in a small tent isn’t a new fad. Various cultures have carried out similar traditions since ancient times, including Native Americans and people of Finland. Portable steam saunas are a spiritual successor to these cleansing and healing rituals, and modern research has begun to reveal their health benefits.

It can be tough to pick the best portable steam room for your home. We’ve analyzed hundreds of reviews, specs, features, promotional materials, and more to help you find the best portable steam sauna for your needs.

Setup for this portable steam sauna should only take about 15 minutes. An inner frame holds up the durable multilayered outer material. A large, single-zipper door is used to enter and exit the tent. And the door features a section of clear material so you can keep an eye on anything outside, such as a clock.

You’ll need a sauna steamer with a hose to go with the tent. We’ve recommended a high-capacity 1-gallon / 4-liter steamer pot that lets you stay in the sauna longer than many others. And using the included remote, you won’t even have to get out to adjust the settings of the portable sauna steam.

The temperature inside this portable steam sauna can reach 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. That may not seem very hot for a sauna, but taking the humidity into account, it feels much hotter. It’s a perfect pick for home spas.

Portable sauna Radiant

Portable infrared saunas have replaced the traditional inbuilt saunas due to major advancement in how they are built to how efficient they are.

Portable infrared sauna Australia

Far infrared sauna has a simple design and you can handle it without any problem. It will only take you a few minutes to set it up and start enjoying its numerous benefits. Far relax sauna produces adequate heat that can heal various ailments and act as a pain reliever. It is made of polyurethane which can make your body to feel relaxed.

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These saunas are designed for maximum comfort. You can engage in other activities such as reading while still using the sauna. Some saunas comes with low EMF levels and with a free canvas chair.

With the introduction of portable infrared saunas in the world of saunas, there have been consumer changes in the purchase of the new type of saunas. Some of the main reasons why these kinds of saunas are the best include their size and efficiency. Size is crucial in modern-day rate and this means that they are likely to take lesser space in the living room. The fact that they are portable and more effective than the other also brings out the reason why they are more preferred than the traditional saunas.

Portable saunas offer relaxation, anywhere and reachable

Partable sauna accessories

All portable saunas come with many different features to recreate the comfort of traditional units. They all come with pre-set timers and temperature settings so you never soak too long and never get too hot. Some of these portable saunas allow you to sit in a chair within the chamber; some even come with slits in the fabric, allowing you the use of your hands outside the unit in order to avoid pruning and giving you the chance to read as you relax. Some are like tubs you can lounge in, some you can lay down flat and snooze away during the “soak.” And just like traditional steams, you can still use aromatherapy in order to enhance the experience for all your senses.

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