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Outdoor residential saunas are made from the finest softwoods that are handpicked by our lumber experts. It could be simple barrel-shaped home saunas are highly effective, providing maximum usable space and allowing the sauna to heat quickly and efficiently. This attractive design comes in a variety of sizes to suit your personal and landscaping needs. Your unit will arrive in the form of a sauna kit. These sauna kits can be easily assembled over the course of an afternoon.

Barrel residental saunas

portable sauna barrel

The classic outdoor barrel sauna series has been a signature product for nearly 40 years. This simple design is highly effective, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet, which means the sauna will heat quickly and efficiently. The Barrel Saunas feature full-length sauna rooms. The front and rear walls are positioned at the ends of the sauna for maximum interior space and full-length benches. Available in several different types of lumber, the classic series barrel steam saunas are easy-to-assemble kits that range from 2 to 8 persons in size.

The barrel sauna concept is the ideal outdoor sauna. Simple, practical and beautiful. Your choice of either knotty or clear western red cedar barrel saunas. These are have 1-1/2" thick walls for natural insulation and the barrel design gives you a much smaller heating area than a rectangular sauna, with plenty of room for bathers. Ideal by the pool or at the cottage. A healthy and enjoyable space that generations will enjoy.

Portable sauna barrel type2

Also, barrel sauna could have a canopy feature. An exterior canopy porch that provides charming ambiance for the outdoor yard, garden or patio setting. The canopy traditional saunas are modular kits that are available in cedar and can be built in multiple person sizes. Barrel saunas have several electric and wood burning heater options that are available based on the size of the sauna room.

Patio residental saunas

Stepping out of the sauna heat into the contrast of cool, fresh air is a special feeling. These types of saunas are compact andfree standing that makes it easy to enjoy within minutes of delivery. Thanks to its size, portability and ease of installation, you can always find room for a Patio sauna — and what a perfect add-on for a pool or hot tub.

Portable sauna patio

The outdoor saunas’ simple panel construction makes it easy to assemble anywhere you have space. At the same time, saunas integrated walls and gable system ensure you will enjoy a strong, durable sauna that will be perfectly at home outside for many years to come. The roof kit is fully insulated and available with plywood (ready for your shingles), cedar shingles or metal roofing.

Inside, you’ll enjoy all the comfort, style and attention to detail you expect from. Nordic white spruce or cedar on the cathedral ceiling and walls creates a light, cozy, genuinely sauna feel. Furnishings feel as good as they look, staying cool to the touch despite the sauna heat. If you have a pool or hot tub, all the better — an outdoor residential sauna will only add to the pleasure you already get from them.


Residental sauna installation notes

Portable sauna outdoor
Portable sauna outdoor
Portable sauna outdoor

Outdoor installation: Patio saunas require the addition of a roof kit or must be placed under cover.

Floor: Patio models have a base/floor included. Your sauna must be located on a solid, flat and level surface to insure proper assembly. Suggested material: wood decking, pavers or concrete.

Electrical: No electrical work is included. Patio Saunas must be hard–wired by an electrician. All electrical work from supply, including connections to heater, controls and lights is your responsibility.

The walls and roof: Are made of 4 1/4″ insulated panels. Each panel is finished on both sides. The interior comes standard with tongue-and-groove nordic white spruce, both in the sauna and the changing room.

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