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Our timber specialists carefully choose only the highest quality softwoods for use in the construction of outdoor residential saunas. It's possible that the simplicity of a barrel-shaped home sauna makes it more efficient than other designs by maximizing the amount of usable space and facilitating rapid sauna heating. This lovely style is offered in a range of sizes to accommodate individual preferences and outdoor space requirements. The unit you ordered will arrive as a sauna kit. Putting together one of these sauna kits is a simple afternoon project.

Barrel residental saunas

portable sauna barrel

For almost four decades, the traditional outdoor barrel sauna series has been a best-seller. This straightforward layout maximizes usable space while minimizing wasted volume, ensuring that the sauna heats up rapidly and effectively. The sauna rooms at the Barrel are spacious enough to accommodate the entire party. The walls of the sauna, both front and back, are placed at the room's extremities to provide room for longer benches and more standing room. The Classic Series Barrel Steam Sauna Kits accommodate anywhere from 2 to 8 people and come in a variety of wood kinds for easy assembly.

The outdoor sauna of your dreams is a barrel sauna. Elegant in its simplicity and efficiency. Knotty or clear western red cedar barrel saunas are at your disposal. With 1-1/2" thick walls for natural insulation, and a barrel shape that results in a much smaller heating area than a rectangular sauna, this one still has plenty of capacity for a large number of bathers. Excellent for lounging by the lake or the pool. A place where people of all ages may relax and have fun.

Portable sauna barrel type2

In addition, a barrel sauna could have a roof over its head. A canopy porch that extends out to the outdoors, creating a cozy atmosphere in a yard, garden, or patio. Canopy traditional saunas are kits that may be assembled into a variety of cedar saunas with capacities ranging from two to twelve people. Depending on the size of the sauna chamber, a number of different electric and wood-burning heating choices are available for barrel saunas.

Patio residental saunas

Leaving the steam and heat of a sauna for a breath of fresh, chilly air is a unique experience. Smaller and more portable than traditional saunas, these saunas may be set up and ready to use in a matter of minutes after delivery. A Patio sauna is an ideal complement to a swimming pool or hot tub because of its compact design, portability, and simplicity of assembly.

Portable sauna patio

The modular design of these outdoor saunas makes setting up a breeze no matter where you happen to have the room for one. In addition, the sauna's integrated walls and gable system guarantee a long-lasting and sturdy sauna that looks right at home in the great outdoors. The roof kit is available with plywood (prepped for shingles), cedar shingles, or metal roofing and includes all necessary insulation.

Everything the convenience, elegance, and care for detail you could want are provided within. The use of Nordic white spruce or cedar on the cathedral ceiling and walls makes for a bright, inviting, and authentic sauna experience. The sauna heat has no effect on the pleasant feel of the furniture. Adding a home sauna to your outdoor space is a great way to relax and unwind, and if you already have a pool or hot tub, it will enhance your experience there.

Residental sauna installation notes

Portable sauna outdoor
Portable sauna outdoor
Portable sauna outdoor

Outdoor installation: There is either a need to cover a patio sauna or to put a roof kit on it.

Floor:  A patio model's base or floor is already built in. For successful construction, your sauna needs to be set up on a level, stable surface. The use of wood decking, pavers, or concrete is recommended.

Electrical:  Electrical work is not covered. Electrical professionals are required to install hard wiring for outdoor saunas. You are responsible for all electrical work, starting with the supply and extending to the connections for the heater, controls, and lighting.

The walls and roof: Are made of 4 1/4″ insulated panels. Each panel is finished on both sides. The interior comes standard with tongue-and-groove nordic white spruce, both in the sauna and the changing room.

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