Custom built saunas

Custom saunas for homeowners, builders, for whatever your needs my be.


The combination of your vision and our skill and precision will produce unparalleled aesthetics and efficiency. We can construct anything you can imagine.

We'll frame your walls and ceiling, then pre-cut the finest materials and assemble the seats and door for you. All we need from you are the interior dimensions, the position of the door, and your preferred bench configuration. We need design help so that we can avoid problems in the future.

Our saunas are created to order so that we can accommodate your individual requirements. Residences, hotels, corporate fitness centres, health clubs, and apartment buildings all benefit from these while being built or renovated. There's no need to settle for second best just because your space is one of a kind.

Creative use of glass windows and doors, novel angles, and customized bench arrangements are just a few examples of the plethora of possibilities. All of these goals and more are possible with the help of one of our saunas.

Custom built sauna comfort style

Basic guidelines to consider for your sauna project

сustom built sauna materials
  • Typically, a ceiling height of 2100mm is optimal for a sauna.
  • Depending on the sauna's dimensions and design, the width of the benches might be anywhere from 450 to 600 mm.
  • Timber panelling will line the walls of your sauna. Choose from Western Red Cedar, Heat Treated Aspen, or Nordic Spruce from our selection.
  • For safety reasons, sauna doors can only open to the outside and can only be held in place by a roller catch or a door closing. The usual width of one of our sauna doors is 650mm.
  • To ensure safe operation, every electric sauna heater has its own dedicated circuit. Our sauna heaters are available in a wide range of voltages, allowing for single- or three-phase connections.
  • The maximum height for lighting put on the walls of a sauna is 1700 mm. Special sauna LED lights are available and can be mounted on the ceiling. LED Strip lighting in the sauna's backrests or along its skirting is another modern addition.

What’s the process of building a sauna?

Analysis & design: We analyze the available space and your intentions for the sauna and develop a layout that makes the most of the sauna's intended use and the number of people who can comfortably fit within.

Quote: A written estimate of the cost to build your sauna will be sent to you. The lighting and sauna heater options will be listed as upgrades in each estimate.

Order: We will put your project on the schedule after we receive your order and deposit. In most cases, a lead time of four to five weeks should be expected.

Construction: On average, sauna construction takes between five and ten days. Our sauna expert crew will finish the job exactly as described in the bid.

Reward Yourself: Once we're done with the installation, you may start enjoying your sauna. Enter and let go of the stresses of the outside world as you soak in the moment of complete tranquillity.

Custom built sauna drawings
Custom built sauna process
сustom built sauna process next step

Custom sauna benefits

When you take a sauna with friends or family, you may enjoy the experience to the fullest. When you have a sauna with friends, you get some alone time to talk openly and without interruption. While everyone's time in the sauna is unique, we can all agree that it promotes healing on both the emotional and physical levels.


Relaxes muscles

Endorphins are released in response to the heat in a sauna, producing a pleasant tranquillizing effect and reducing pain associated with arthritis and muscle soreness. As your core temperature rises, your blood vessels dilate, and blood flow increases, helping your body mend itself more quickly.


Sauna relieves stress

Sauna time is a great way to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life by providing a warm, peaceful, and stress-free space to recharge your batteries.


Cleanses the skin

One of the earliest skin care routines that have been used for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes is the use of a hot bath. A healthy skin care routine should include regular deep sweating to remove impurities and dead skin cells and replace them.


Flushes toxins

Many doctors will agree that sauna use is one of the best ways to detox our bodies. Toxins, including lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury, and others, are easily absorbed through everyday interactions with the environment but can be flushed out by heavy perspiration.


Deeper sleep

Sauna use has been linked to improved sleep quality. The key to restful sleep is the gradual evening drop in endorphins. People all across the world who have taken a relaxing sauna at night have fond memories of falling asleep quickly.


Burns calories

Medical studies conducted by the United States Army indicated that a reasonably fit individual can easily lose 500 grams in a single sauna session, burning off 300 calories in the process. We do not recommend saunas as a means of weight loss, although they can be a helpful supplement to other methods.

Custom sauna design the only limit is your imagination

All-glass front saunas, interior systems, premium interiors, unique sauna wood species, rich contrasting wood hues, curved glass doors and windows, sound systems, digital controls, heater designs, and more are just some of the posh options available to you.

Some other possibilities are listed below. Those accessories, along with those displayed elsewhere in this catalogue, are readily accessible for use with the vast majority of standard sauna models. We can make any sauna you can imagine, so if you have an idea, no matter how big or tiny, don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can help you bring it to life.

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