Self Assembly Saunas

DIY sauna cabins for those seeking the ultimate relaxation

A self-assemble sauna room could be the answer if you want to add a traditional Finnish sauna to your home without breaking the bank. Our kit saunas are delivered as whole sauna kits and are made from the same high-quality materials as our custom-built sauna rooms, including well-insulated 71mm thick walls. These rooms come in a range of sizes, making them ideal for use as home gyms, saunas, and outdoor living spaces.

Self-install sauna rooms

Sauna rooms created in the traditional Finnish style have been available for years as a do-it-yourself kit. These prefabricated rooms are not only properly built, but they also look wonderful because they are made with high-quality materials and the typical excellent craftsmanship that is recognized.

Each unit is built in a factory, where it is tested and then disassembled and packed for transport. You may rest assured that you will always get a full set this way. These do-it-yourself sauna rooms have the extra benefit of being portable, so they can be set up outside or moved to a different place if the need arises.

Self assembly sauna standing alone

Incorporating a sauna into a larger remodel, such as a completed basement or an addition, is simple because the sauna kit can be installed in virtually any room. The exterior of the sauna can be drywalled and painted to match the outer design of a bathroom, for example, to blend in with the rest of the space.

Self assembly sauna wooden

A do-it-yourself sauna kit is a prefabricated unit that includes everything needed to construct a functional sauna. A sauna can be set up in virtually any area of the house; (i.e. basement or master bathroom). Outdoor structures like sheds and cabanas are ideal for housing sauna equipment. Clear, Canadian Western Red cedar is used to craft these sauna material kits, and we can make them in any size or shape you desire. Purchasing a sauna kit from the manufacturer directly is the most cost-effective and convenient way to get a sauna of your own. We have been designing and installing premium clear cedar saunas for over 50 years so you can rely on our knowledge, service, and products.

Your sauna may be assembled quickly and easily with the help of the Sauna Self Assembly Kit, which includes all the specialized tools and materials you'll need. Certain cedar lengths are included with the sauna package. There is a lot of waste because most lumber yards and building supply warehouses only stock 8-foot lengths or random lengths. In addition, the sauna package comes with hard-to-find materials like cedar trim and door casing.

Self assembly sauna glass-door
Self assembly sauna isolated

Self installed sauna DIY Kit

The cottages are self-assembled and can be set up in under an hour. Electricians aren't required because the sauna can be powered by a standard outlet. And if you ever decide you'd like to use the sauna somewhere else in the house, it's easy enough to disassemble and relocate.

  • Minimal floor space required
  • Canopy lighting
  • It could be a stereo Radio/CD
  • Warranty
  • Benches at two or three levels
  • Compact, plug-in 3kW heater with full-width rock tray
  • Option of colour light therapy
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