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Relaxing in a sauna is a great way to spend leisure time. There are several positive effects on health that can be attained by using a sauna. It can improve your cardiovascular health, it's great for your skin, and it helps you feel more refreshed by decreasing your stress and enhancing your sleep. A sauna is useless if it doesn't have the basics. Sauna add-ons are fantastic for raising the level of relaxation in the sauna. With our extensive selection of sauna accessories, not only will you be able to get your sauna going much more quickly, but you'll also be able to maximize your comfort while relaxing and make sure you're using your spa safely.


The sauna's aesthetic appeal originates in the space's finishing touches, or "accessories." We have a fantastic selection of sauna extras that will wow you. Classic sauna accessories to enhance your time in the steam room. Thermometers, hygrometers, clocks, and signs may all give a decorative touch to the exterior of your sauna and are essential for creating a comfortable environment inside. Sauna lighting allows you a simple wall light and shade or upgrade to a customisable recessed light system. Or something in between. Sauna Bath will help you maintain a pleasurable and hygienic sauna experience and with options also to safeguard your sauna investment. Sauna comfort is those tiny touches to bring a touch more of relaxation during your sauna.


Essential sauna accessories

Sauna accessories termometer

Sauna Thermometer

To prevent the sauna from being excessively hot, a thermometer is essential. Similarly, you won't want the sauna temperature to dip too low for too long. To accurately gauge the temperature of your sauna, you'll need a special thermometer. The extreme temperatures inside a sauna require certain materials to be used in the construction of the structure. A hygrometer is a thermometer that also detects the relative humidity and water vapor in the air, and certain sauna thermometers have both features built in.

Sauna Bucket plus Ladle

If you pour water over the rocks in your sauna, you'll get a nice wave of steam and a little more rapid heating of the space. It would be best if you didn't use a regular water bottle in the sauna but rather a sauna bucket designed specifically for the task. Also, a good-quality sauna bucket can withstand the extreme temperatures seen in a sauna and will survive for a very long period.

Sauna accessories bucket-ladle
Sauna accessories backrest

Sauna Backrest

Some might say this is a luxury item, but a well-designed sauna backrest does actually improve the sauna experience significantly. A lot of people tend to become somewhat restless, and bored if you like, when sitting in a sauna for a while. The sauna bench typically isn’t super ergonomic, which also triggers restlessness. A quality backrest is designed such that it fits the natural arch in your back, creating a very comfortable seating position.

Sauna Rocks

There are different types of sauna rocks for different types of saunas, so it's vital to consider this if you have a sauna at home or are planning to get one. Some rocks and stones are more suitable for use in a sauna than others, with size also playing a significant role. To get the most out of your sauna, use rocks that can generate and hold heat effectively. If you want to know how to choose the best sauna rocks, then you need to read our comprehensive guide.

Sauna accessories rocks
Sauna accessories eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus Oil

The way we feel can be positively affected by the smell of some things. Eucalyptus oil has a calming effect only by its aroma. Eucalyptus oil's pleasant aroma can be enjoyed in a number of different ways during a sauna session. Use a dispenser to disperse the oil into the atmosphere. It can also be used in conjunction with water poured over rocks by adding a few drops to the water. You can also simply spray the oil on the rocks themselves.

Body Brush

A sauna brush is exactly what you need if you want to take advantage of the benefits of sauna time for your skin. A sauna brush, with its natural bristles, is ideal for exfoliating damp skin. If applied correctly and frequently, they can rid the skin of dead cells and improve its texture and appearance. Better blood flow from using a sauna brush can also aid in the reduction of cellulite.

Sauna accessories body brush
Sauna accessories seat

Seat Cushion

In the same way that a backrest enhances your comfort, a seat cushion does the same for your bottom. Most sauna benches are not particularly comfy because they are crafted from hardwood. Some of us need that little bit of extra support when we're going to be sitting on a bench in a sauna for a while. A decent sauna seat has moisture-resistant foam and is made with a durable polyester fabric. Washable and featuring a zipper, the cover can be easily removed for cleaning.

Body Wrap

Simply put, a body wrap is a large towel that may be wrapped around a person comfortably. They're practical, as you may wear them to the gym or the pool without any hassle. Because a body wrap will be subjected to a lot of perspiration, it is important to select a high-quality item that will last a long time without becoming stained or smelling musty.

Sauna accessories body wrap
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