Portable Saunas

Everything you need to start your sauna experience.

You are fully aware of the benefits of a portable infrared sauna and that’s why you are planning to buy one. After having a long day at work, you will yearn to end the day by relaxing in the sauna to release the stress that might have accumulated in your mind. Also, a portable sauna has healing power. Spending some quality time in it can help to release toxins from the body. It can also play a role in helping you to lose weight.

The Best portable infrared saunas

Portable sauna SereneLife

SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

This is an infrared portable sauna unit that you can easily carry around wherever you want to go. Its portability is enhanced by the fact that it is compact hence can fit into any room. It is also relatively lighter than most portable saunas in its category. It has all the features that will give you a complete sauna experience.

SereneLife has adjustable heat settings that will allow you to select your preferred temperatures. The sauna has a food mat that plays the role of soothing the muscles making you feel relaxed. SereneLife comes with a foldable sauna chair hence you won’t have to build a stool.

Radiant Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

Radiant rejuvenator is a lightweight portable infrared sauna that you can use to rejuvenate the body. It is capable of giving you the full benefits of a standard sauna which include relieving stress and losing weight.

Radiant rejuvenator has an automatic shut off safety system which enhances its safety level. It is also an environment-friendly portable sauna due to its low EMF emissions. The inside material is made of durable polyester.

The neck of this sauna is fully padded and has twin liners that provide extra comfort. It is simple and does not require any tools to assemble. The sauna comes with a canvas chair.

Portable sauna Radiant
Portable sauna Smartmak

Relax Sauna Long Term Health Benefits

This is a high-performing portable sauna that is capable of delivering up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit within five minutes. It features a minimalistic design hence easy to set up. It does not come with many complex tools. The sauna is light and easily foldable. This makes it an ideal travel companion.

Portable sauna is made of moisture-resistant material which makes it durable. The fast heating capacity of the sauna helps to save energy. You can also adjust its power using a remote control. For safety purposes, the sauna has an auto shut-off safety system. It also comes with a foldable chair.

It's moisture-resistant fabric allows for outdoor use, making it a perfect addition to your deck or campsite

Looking for some alone time? The best in portable infrared saunas

Personal sauna is like a sleeping bag for your soul. Featuring our unique heaters, ultra low EMF technology and sleek Bamboo Carbon design, the Solo is the best portable infrared sauna to give you solace in an affordable, highly effective way. Discover everything that makes the solo system sauna the preferred infrared sauna across the world.

Portable saunas designed for the ultimate movability. Its unique, lightweight, double-dome design makes it easy to store in a closet or corner of a room. You can sauna anywhere in your home, take it on extended vacations and keep it with you when you move.

Portable sauna far infrarad

Portable sauna far infrared therapy

For a healthier, happier you, surround your body with the proven effects of far infrared technology. Our active ingredient, far infrared technology, is proven effective and safe.

It works like this: The infrared heater warms up your body at the core rather than on the skin’s surface. Infrared heater shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature and aid in weight loss.

Panels contain a unique proprietary blend of materials that are 100%. This means we can ensure the safety and effectiveness of each individual heater. Our proprietary heater design produces virtually NO EMF, or electromagnetic fields, that can be harmful to your body in large doses.

Bamboo Carbon is a sustainable fiber with variety of minerals that offer unique attributes. Anti-bacterial properties, improved odor absorption and better air quality are just a few. Bamboo Carbon is also eco-friendly, easy to clean and certified non-toxic.

Portable sauna unpacking

Portable sauna accessories included

  • Far infrared sauna box
  • Far infrared mica heating panels
  • Master controller unit Handheld timer and heating level controller
  • Compact folding chair
  • Heating Foot pad
  • Felt floor mat
  • Support board

Portable infrared sauna approximate large, for example, size (H106 x L97x W80cm). Ideal for home use for health and beauty purpose The sauna is ideal for average to large size adults. This larger size is for people who prefer more space and width when taking a sauna. Both the large and standard size sauna are suitable for adults. This sauna is a little bit wider. Heating panels and footpad emit far infrared rays at the most beneficial wavelenghts. There is no steam involved. Sauna folds up for convenient storage.

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