A triple insulated room which is finished with timber lining boards and two tiered benches. The room is heated by an electric or wood fired sauna heater. The sauna has a rather low humidity around 20-30% but is heated to hot temperatures ranging between 70-110oC

This varies a lot on the size of your sauna heater, the set temperature and the energy rate you pay. The average home sauna run for 2 hours will cost between $ 1.80 – $ 3.00.

Saunas should be built using softwoods. Western Red Cedar is the commonly used timber for saunas in Australia, but we also use specially imported Nordic Spruce, Alder and Heat Treated Aspen.

To reach an average bathing temperature around 85oC will usually take 30-50 minutes depending on the type of heater that you have.

A completely sealed wet room which is finished with tile, glass and/or aluminium panels.  Steam is created by an electric steam generator placed outside the steam room.  The temperature inside a steam room ranges between 30 to 50oC with a humidity of 100%.

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