Portable steam saunas really work. They induce sweating just like any other professional sauna, except they are portable. If you are looking into experiencing this type of health treatment, then I would highly recommend investing in one of these devices. Don’t worry if you don’t know what exact model to choose because we only list the absolute best products for your money. Saunas have been used for many years, and many professionals have documented their health benefits. If you want to boost your immune system and promote weight loss, then you should definitely give these different models a closer look.

However, before you start whetting your appetite for these different sauna treatments, keep in mind to always use safe practices when using these devices. The average session is usually between twenty give and thirty-five minutes. With this in mind, be sure never to stay in a sauna for more than an hour, and always ask a doctor if sauna usage is safe for you because certain medications could make you suffer negative side effects. Your health should always be your number one priority!

A portable sauna is a small tent-like structure, which is just large enough for a single person. Portable Saunas typically have a zipper to allow the user access to the sauna, as well as holes allowing the user to keep his or her head and arms outside the sauna. Most portable saunas come with a small chair. Take one look at a picture, and you will get the idea.

Portable Saunas use either steam or infrared heat to give the user a sauna experience. Both types of saunas use electricity and can be plugged into a standard outlet. 

Portable steam saunas are an economical and easy way to enjoy the benefits of steam therapy in private. Like full-size saunas, a home steam sauna aims to improve circulation and increase cardiovascular activity by dilating the blood vessels through heat therapy and sweating.

A daily or bi-weekly steam sauna session can help you better manage stress, improve your health and feel better all around. That works for sauna rooms and cabins, but what about the portable personal-sized units?

They’re certainly very popular and also very affordable, so they’re worth looking into if you want to have the sauna experience without the big cabinet.

Perhaps a “portable steam sauna” could more accurately be described as a “portable steam room,” because rather than heating the air, a portable steam sauna comes with a small steamer that fills the sauna with hot steam. 

The steamer itself is plugged into the wall and is connected to the sauna by a small hose. The steamer typically takes 10 to 15 minutes to heat up and fill the sauna with steam. Essential oils can be added to the steamer for a spa experience. 

A portable steam sauna user can then enter the sauna, sit down and enjoy the hot steam for 15 to 20 minutes. Though you are expected to sit on a chair with your head sticking outside of the sauna, many users prefer to sit on the floor of the sauna with their entire body inside. 

Though most portable saunas position the head outside of the sauna itself, some portable steam saunas have a hood, which you may place over your head. This could be a desirable or undesirable feature depending on whether you would like to work up a sweat above the shoulders.

Everyone loves to work up a good sweat. Whether in the gym, in a bath, or a spa, steady warmth is good for you because you get to sweat out all the toxins in your body. Sweating is very healthy. One of the best ways to generate a relaxing sweat is in a sauna, except you usually have to leave home to be in one unless you install a unit in your house. But who can afford the price tag of such a large renovation?

Now there is an alternative to conventional saunas which makes them cheaper, more convenient, and easier to maintain. Portable saunas offer all the same health benefits of traditional products. Still, instead of paying thousands for the initial cost, installation, and maintenance, you’re only paying a few hundred dollars for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Home steam saunas come with a host of various benefits, but mainly they are great for relaxation. Although they don’t work any kinds of miracles, they do help the body in numerous ways. These ways include relief from joint and muscle pains, improved circulation, healthier skin and skin tone, and even burning a few calories.

But a steam sauna won’t work miracles, nor will it cure all that ails you.

It’s easy to find some crazy outlandish claims regarding the efficacy of saunas in terms of weight loss, longevity, and even cancer prevention. Still, virtually all of the studies regarding these benefits are pretty sketchy and preliminary.

The best thing to do is to ignore them largely, and if you like the idea of a pleasant sit in a hot sauna for a little while, you’ll love a portable steam sauna. If you’re going into it hoping it will cure your cancer, well. It probably won’t do that.

A Look at Portable Steam Saunas

The use of steam as a body healing therapy began during the ancient periods. It slowly grew over the years and became one of the best ways to maintain and improve a person’s good health without the use of modern medicine. The use of steam saunas is the perfect way to attain a healthy, glowing, and relaxed skin without using medicine or other items like creams.

Portable steam saunas are the perfect and economical way to enjoy the benefits of steam therapy at the comfort of your home and with privacy. The benefits of the portable steam sauna are just like those of a full-size steam sauna. Portable steam saunas help improve the body’s blood circulation. It also increases the cardiovascular activity of your body by allowing the blood vessels to dilate.

Using the portable steam sauna daily or twice a week helps in the management of stress. It also assists in improving your overall health and feeling better. To use the portable steam saunas, you simply sit inside for some time until you begin to sweat. After which you remain in the sauna until the cleansing and detox process is complete.

The portable steam saunas are similar to the portable infrared saunas, and the only difference is the heating is provided by the steam rather than IR heating panels.

The units themselves are typically the same fabric enclosures with a zipper in the front and cutouts for your arms and head. While the infrared heating units are inside the unit, here the steam generator sits outside and pumps steam through a pipe that goes through a hole on the side.

It’s pretty obvious that sitting in a fabric tent is going to be a bit less serene of an experience than sitting in a cedar-lined full-scale sauna space will be. The environment just isn’t the same.

But you can still achieve deep relaxation and rejuvenation in a portable sauna space if you approach the experience with the right mindset.

While virtually all of the saunas include pockets to allow you to use your hands, one of the most important things you can do is try to avoid using your phone or tablet. Most of us don’t get a break from technology, and the stints in the sauna are a great opportunity to relax, restore, and clear the mind of the constant stimulation of technology. Instead, meditate, read a book, clear your mind, and try to find some peace.

Treat your time in the sauna as you would your time in a spa you’ve paid good money for. If you’re getting a spa treatment, you’re not likely to be using your phone much during that time! Consider your time in the portable sauna in the same way, and you’ll get a lot more out of the experience.

Put on some relaxing music, and find your centre calm place. Much of the benefit of a sauna is disconnecting and decompressing. It’s not just the heat, and it’s taking time to care for yourself, physically and mentally.

There are some pros and cons to consider, so let’s take a look at those to help you make a more informed buying decision.

Portable Steam Sauna Pros

  • Relatively inexpensive. You can purchase one of these saunas for around $100 or less. Compare that to at least $1000 for a traditional 1-2 person sauna, and you can really see how much you are saving.
  • Use them anywhere. You’re not confined to a particular area with a portable sauna. At only 20 pounds or so, you can move it anywhere in your home, take it with you to a friend’s house or even on vacation.
  • Skip the gym. You don’t have to pay a gym membership to use the sauna…now you have your very own personal sauna anytime you need it.
  • Easy to operate. The portable steam sauna is very easy to set up, and all you need to do is add water and plug it in. It’s that simple.

Portable Steam Sauna Cons

  • Not the high end. The saunas themselves are not the highest quality, so there is always the likelihood of a tear or a broken zipper. However, for $100 you can’t really complain.
  • Need to be careful. There is a possibility of getting burned by the steam or the pipe if you sit too close. That’s why a chair is always recommended.
  • Your floor can get wet. As with any time you use steam, condensation can build up. As such, you should always place a towel down under the pipe to ensure that your floor doesn’t get too wet.
  • Won’t last forever. Unlike a traditional sauna that you will have in your home for 10-20 years, a portable steam sauna probably won’t last very long, and if you use it regularly, you’ll likely have to replace it much sooner.

Can I travel with a portable sauna?

Almost all portable saunas are a similar size and shape—just big enough for a single person and a chair. For example, this popular model made by SereneLife weighs just under 20 pounds. When assembled, its dimensions are 31.5 x 27.6 x 37.8 inches.

Most portable saunas can be folded in a matter of seconds; however, they fold flat and would be too long and wide to fit in your carry on luggage and would need to be placed with your checked baggage. When folded, they will easily fit in your trunk or the back of your car.

A portable sauna will easily fit in any hotel room. 

While most portable saunas on the market fold flat, some do not and would need to be disassembled in order to be transported. 

More Convenient

Unlike the traditional form, portable saunas can be packed and taken anywhere. They are lightweight and require no plumbing, wiring, construction, installation, or maintenance. Most look like little tents that you can simply set up within a few minutes in any room in the home since these products take up very little additional space. You don’t even need any tools, just an electrical outlet. Then, once you zip yourself up in the unit, you simply stay still and let the heat do the work for you. Since they simply require an electrical outlet, they often take up very little in energy costs, and you no longer have to share your space with strangers in public. Instead, you have a space built for one.

Different Types

There are two standard kinds of portable sauna: infrared and the portable steam sauna. Infrared systems do not require any water or condensation. Instead, infrared heating systems actually penetrate under the skin, still generating heat and sweat but in a much quicker timeframe. These are the same invisible rays created by the sun, but they are not harmful, like UV rays and produce a more efficient way to soak up the warmth.

However, if you’re a traditionalist and like your water vapour, then a portable steam sauna may be the way to go. These units still do not require plumbing; you simply pour a few quarts of water into a reservoir under the seat and plug it in. Soon the water will heat within the enclosed space and make nice steam. There are always temperature settings and automatic shut-offs on portable steam saunas just in case you lose track of time as you unwind and let go of the day.

How much do portable saunas cost?

The price of a portable sauna ranges from about $80 on the low end to $600 on the high end. There are also a few portable saunas that cost in excess of $1,000, but they are outliers. 

Portable infrared saunas are generally, albeit slightly, more expensive than portable steam saunas, but it is still possible to get an infrared sauna for just a little over $100. 

Portable Saunas: Unique Designs

Lie Flat Sauna – Steamflex makes a portable steam sauna for use while lying down. It comes with a steamer that plugs into the wall just like any other portable sauna. Essential oils can be added to the steamer for a spa experience. Check out this one at Amazon.

Tent Sauna – Mobiba makes a line of sauna tents for outdoor use. These tents can accommodate multiple people (as many as 6) at a time. These tents use a wood-burning heater, and each tent comes with an aluminium chimney. The tents are designed to withstand rain and other weather conditions. Check out this one at Amazon.

Sauna for Two – Donagh makes a two-person portable steam sauna that comes with two folding chairs, two steam hoses and two head holes. You can check it out here at Amazon.


All portable saunas come with many different features to recreate the comfort of traditional units. They all come with pre-set timers and temperature settings, so you never soak too long and never get too hot. Some of these portable saunas allow you to sit in a chair within the chamber; some even come with slits in the fabric, allowing you the use of your hands outside the unit in order to avoid pruning and giving you the chance to read as you relax. Some are like tubs you can lounge in, some you can lay down flat and snooze away during the “soak.” And just like traditional steam, you can still use aromatherapy in order to enhance the experience for all your senses.

Why is a portable steam sauna the best option?

The first most notable reason for why the portable steam sauna is the best is its lightweight nature. Most portable steam saunas are made out of plastic, which is light and easy to move around. This aspect makes it easy to assemble, disassemble, and pack the sauna with no difficulties. It also helps people travel and use the sauna outside the comfort of their homes, unlike permanent saunas.

The size of the sauna is ideal for one person. For people who love travelling with their steam sauna, portable saunas come ideally for use by only you, unlike the permanent saunas where large space matters. For portable saunas, size does not matter. They are easy to install and take apart. Unlike permanent saunas, which require specialists to assemble, the portable sauna is different.

You can easily assemble the sauna yourself without the use of tools to do it right. The price of a portable steam sauna is fairly lower in comparison to a permanent sauna. Both saunas offer the same benefits; therefore, you will be getting value for money when purchasing the portable steam sauna. It also serves as the perfect sauna for a person who does not have a lot of space in their house for a permanent sauna.

How do I clean a portable steam sauna?

After you start using your steam sauna regularly, you’ll find that you sweat a lot while inside. There’s a lot of moisture going on in there, between the steam machine and the body’s sweat! All that moisture can breed bacteria and pathogens that can make you ill if you’re not careful.

You should be regularly cleaning your steam sauna. Generally, this just involves using towels to wipe up as much water as possible, and periodically spraying down the sauna tent and all other exposed materials with Lysol or similar antibacterial cleaner.

Be sure to stay up on the cleaning, as you want to use your steam sauna as part of a healthy lifestyle, not as part of a process to illness!

Some portable sauna tents are actually machine washable with air drying recommended. Manufacturers of other models suggest wiping the tent or canopy down with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. A number of off-the-shelf cleaners are available as well, some of which contain tea tree oil or citrus extract for their antibacterial and antifungal properties. Accompanying water reservoirs and steam generators can be cleaned and sanitized with these same solutions. Again, the exact cleaning process would depend on the personal steam sauna you purchase.

Parts of a Portable Sauna


Some models come with a chair you can use, although many tend to buy a fold-up chair to use inside it. However, many find that the chairs that come with these saunas are unsatisfactory. Consider purchasing a more stylish and comfortable sauna chair if you are finding that you use the sauna frequently.

Tent Chamber

This is the main part of the portable sauna. It contains panels inside where the infrared heaters are or piping from the steam pot in the case of a steam sauna.

The chamber also has a zipper in the front so you can easily step inside, sit down, and zip the chamber panels up. Sometimes you’ll even find holes in the front so you can read or play on your phone while sitting inside.

Heating Footpad

Not every portable sauna has a heating footpad, but many do. This pad is located on the bottom of the chamber and helps to heat up your feet, a place where some of the infrared heat doesn’t always reach.

A Timer/Remote

The timer or remote tends to be located on the exterior of the portable sauna. With it, you can time sessions to last for a certain amount of time and then automatically turn the sauna off. Sometimes you can also adjust the temperature and other settings of the sauna with the remote.

To experience the wonder and benefits of a steam sauna in privacy, buying a radiant sauna will help. For people who love their personal space and time, a sauna guarantees you a quiet and peaceful steam session as you reap the health benefits of steam therapy. Above we have reviews for the best products on the market today and hope that we made your search easy! Which one you pick for your home is based on your personal preference, but we still reviewed them to help you make the decision. Check out some of the products on Amazon to see which get free shipping and have a good value for your money.

Portable steam saunas have been found to promote emotional and physical health. They generate overall well-being from the inside out just as nature seems to have intended. Since those at spas and gyms aren’t always convenient, and large-scale home models take a toll on the wallet, portable versions are the chosen alternative for a number of people.

If you like spending time in a sauna at the spa, or feel that the benefits to a sauna would be good for you, then a portable sauna is a great solution! They’re surprisingly inexpensive, and provide a significant portion of the experience that a larger-scale sauna will provide (just now the housing).

They’re a great choice for those who aren’t ready to spend over $1,000 on a home sauna but still want to spend some time in the heat. And they’re a great stop-gap for those saving up for a larger-scale two-person sauna. Once you’re in a financial position to purchase a larger one, you can always use the portable one for travel only!

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