What is the best portable sauna?

The chances are that you've tried out a sauna at some point or another in your life. They're pretty commonplace in gyms, health centres, and specific retreats that tend to combine pools, saunas, and steam rooms in a haven of relaxation.

But this practice didn't originate so close to home. In fact, saunas were invented in Finland, and the word "sauna" itself is the only Finnish word to make its way into the English dictionary!

The first sauna is said to have been created in the year 1112 and was a mere embankment dug into the ground. Nowadays, however, things have been brought up to scratch and saunas are much more modernized and (thankfully) hygienic affairs.

While you can visit stunning and traditional log cabin saunas in Finland to this day, and you also can indulge in a sauna at your local gym, what are the options for those of us who don't have quite so much time to take out of our daily routines to dedicate to traipsing back and forth?

What are the options for those of us who don't want to pay full monthly memberships when we aren't using gym and health centres or other facilities? What are the options for those of us who prefer a little more privacy and don't want to strip down into swimwear in front of other strangers sharing the sauna space?

Well, the answer is a portable sauna! These do exist!

grey orange and silver portable saunas

AW Personal Therapeutic Steam Portable Sauna

This is another very affordable portable steam sauna offered by AW. What you will love most about it is its temperature and timer adjustability. It offers nine temperature levels and six timer settings, giving you a lot of choices for your comfort, convenience, and preferred heat and steam experience. A cotton cover with a waterproof layer keeps the hot steam in the sauna interior.

This portable steam sauna will help you detox, relax and eliminate fatigue and aid in your weight loss quest. Being a steam sauna, you can add your favourite essential oils or aromatic herbs and flowers and enjoy aromatherapy benefits in addition to the sauna sweating benefits. When you're done, the frame is detachable, and it packs into a small package for ease of transport and storage. It comes with a folding chair, a foot massager for even more benefits and remote control so you can adjust the heat and timer without getting out of the sauna.

AW 2L Portable Steam Sauna Spa

 If a fast-folding sauna is what you are looking for, then the AW 2L Portable Steam Sauna SPA is the model for you. It comes with a fast-fold spa tent that will allow you to take it out, set it up, and enjoy a great sauna experience.

It also offers a compact one-piece design that allows you to store it with ease and save you trouble when disconnecting and connecting the poles. The other notable feature of the model is the cotton cover that offers waterproof ability to prevent the steam from penetrating.

Two side holds come in handy to allow you to put your legs in the tent to allow you to enjoy a full-body sauna experience or simply foot spa if that what you want.

One unique feature of this model is the herbal box that allows you to put aroma essential oil or herb to enhance the effect of detox and relaxation. Overall, this is a huge sauna that will fit a grown-up to ensure that you have a great time when relaxing.

Durasage Lightweight Portable Personal Steam Sauna 

The best part about this sauna is the easy assemblage. You can set it up in a matter of minutes, following the instructions on the user manual provided with an attached diagram. This personal sauna unit will allow you to soak in the pleasurable lukewarm of a fragrant steam bath up to 60 minutes set on the generator timer. 

There is a cotton cover sheeted with a waterproof layer to block steam penetration. The thoughtful design of the product also guarantees additional safety as the steam generator is placed away and separated from where you are. 

Designed with care for a peaceful period of complete relaxation, this set comes with two zippered openings through which you can slip your hands without a hitch. As the steam rejuvenates you deeply at a cellular level, hold up a book to read or surf the internet on a handheld device– it's your call!

The assemblage comes complete with a foldable chair and bag, as well as 1 set of PVC support tubes. After you are done, simply disassemble the frame and store away with the foldable sauna tent until next time!

Idealsauna FIS 101 Portable Infrared Sauna ​2020 – Portable Sauna With Air Ionizer

​Looking for a sauna with air ionizer?

Let us present this Idealsauna FIS 101 portable sauna for your home.

It is very cheap along with being able to provide you with all the features and comforts of a traditional infrared sauna.

This portable infrared sauna ​2020 is equipped with a negative ion generator. It will mimic the feeling of sitting near a waterfall and sunbathing.

The three high tech superconductive heaters are made out of very thin carbon fibre material. It also provides you with two hand sleeves, and you can extend out your arms to watch tv or do some reading while getting an infrared sauna therapy experience.

Weight and dimensions of this portable sauna are 17.8 pound and 38.6 X 27.5 X 6.2 inches respectively.

It takes just a few minutes to set it up and to run. Along with a one-year limited warranty, you will also get a free remote control, a chair and a footpad that heats up when you purchase this portable infrared sauna.

Durherm Folding Home Steam Portable Sauna

If you're looking for the best portable steam sauna, this Durherm sauna is excellent as it weighs only 11 pounds and folds easily. It also has attractive pricing and is perfect if you're on a budget or looking for your first personal spa. It comes with everything you need to set it up except for a seat. The bathtub design is spacious and comfortable to use as it has zippered outlets for your head and arms. This means you won't feel claustrophobic and you can multitask.

Another great feature about this unit is that it only takes a few minutes to heat up and it gets very hot and steamy inside it. This means you can take fast sauna baths when you only have a few minutes to spare. Sessions in it leave users feeling better, with moisturized skin and it aids weight loss efforts. You can also add oils, flowers, and herbs to enjoy the relaxing, beauty and health benefits of aromatherapy as well.

Durherm Infrared Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Sauna

When it comes to home spas, Durherm is well known for its high-quality products. If you're looking for the best-infrared sauna tent, this Durherm portable infrared sauna is unrivalled. It is almost EMR/EMF FREE, as it is designed to emit the lowest EMF and independent testing has proved that it emits very little EMF. Even though it comes with a higher price tag, you have peace of mind that you're not exposing yourself to harmful radiation levels and it also offers some outstanding features that you will not find in other portable saunas.

It uses far infrared heating, which uses very little electricity but instead of the usual carbon fibre panels, it utilizes 3 Tourmaline heating panels. It emits negative ions, and the semi-precious mineral Tourmaline also has detoxifying properties. It has roomy dimensions for a comfortable experience no matter what height or size you are. When you're not using it, it folds up easily into a compact package that is easy to carry and fits in tight storage space.

As for its performance, this is a top-rated personal sauna. Owners love the ease of setting it up and the room inside. Users have experienced all kinds of detoxification benefits from relaxation, beauty, better sleep to the relief of joint pains and bones aches. Those who have tested its EMF emission have verified that it is indeed minimal and safe. It comes with a heated footpad, foldable canvas chair, handheld temperature and timer controller, two washable neck collars, and an instruction manual.

These are the best portable infrared sauna that is currently on the market. As you can see, the list contains different types of saunas. Some are steam, while others are infrared saunas. We have selected the best of both types.

Giantex Portable 2L Steam Sauna Spa, One Among Best Portable Sauna Tents

There is a reason why the Giantex is among the widely used portable steam saunas currently available on the market. It offers a versatile service for you to use on your apartment, home, RVs, and other limited-space areas. Thanks to an adjustable 1-9 temperature setting and 120V, it allows you to set your ideal level of warmth by using the included intuitive remote control.

Featuring a folding chair with a unique structure enhances the relaxation while the foot massager sweats away fat and toxins. You can make the spa experience even more enjoyable by adding your favourite essential oils for a fresh and beautiful feeling. This sauna tent is convenient to use and saves storage space because of its collapsible design.

Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Portable Indoor Personal Spa, Best Portable Sauna Tents, Silver

We love this sauna because it is super portable and affordable to provide excellent service just as the more pricey ones. With a unique premium infrared silver design, it allows you to have a relaxing sauna session at the comfort of an apartment or home, saving you tons of money you could have used for numerous spa trips.

Featuring a negative ion generator, it purifies the air. At the same time, the three heaters are ultra-thin and superconductive carbon fibre heating elements to quickly heat the sauna for around five minutes to save time and energy consumption. Plus, the structure lets you extend your head and hands out for watching TV, reading, or listening to music. The included manual offers additional information for use and even maintenance for added convenience.

KUPPET 2L Portable Folding Steam Sauna-One Person Home Sauna SPA

The KUPPET 2L Portable Folding Steam Sauna comes with thicker fabric that thwarts the heat from escaping. Also, the inner layer of the sauna is waterproof, enabling you to enjoy a better slimming effect.

The model has a double-sided zipper that makes it easier to close and open it when you are done. It allows you to put your neck and hands out when adjusting your body.

Another thing, the portable sauna comes with a pocket where you can put your phone, remote, and any other thing. It is also one of the easiest and most convenient to use saunas on the market today.

Thanks to the remote control, you can easily adjust the temperature and time by yourself. The model allows you to choose a time range of 20, 40, or 60 minutes and the temperature is preset at six grades. However, most people prefer 4th grade, but you can choose your preferred grade.

Its' steam pot can go off automatically if the liner has dried up – there is no risk of fire that can hurt you or your family.

Lightweight Personal Steam Portable Sauna Tent For Relaxation at Home

After a long day and reaching home, the body needs to take a break by using a relaxing method. If you want an instant relaxation at home without the need to drive off too far away places, this portable sauna from Durasage is a perfect solution. It heats up for just 5 minutes for you to have a relaxing time while relieving tender and sore muscles. Also, it creates a conducive place to warm you up to your body as it burns up calories.

Featuring an inbuilt time that let you set up to one hour to ensure a hands-free experience. Additionally, the grey is lovely and has a beautiful blue outline to add extra aesthetics and simple to maintain and at the same time complementing its surroundings.

Personal Steam Sauna SPA Portable Therapeutic Weight Loss For Body.

Even though this is called a steam sauna, it is actually marketed as a body spa. It is basically a giant bag that you attach the steam blower unit to and then get inside and turn it on. You can add things to the steam like essential oils. Most of them seem to come with some eucalyptus leaves for adding to the steam.

wooden portable sauna

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe

The final infrared sauna that we'll take a look at for the moment is Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe – quite the mouthful, right?

Now, we've already looked at a low-cost infrared option and a high-end infrared option, so what is this middle ground sauna bringing to the table? Well, it seems to be a particular hit with larger individuals. Sure, you want your portable sauna to be portable. But you want to be able to fit in it too! This option is specifically designed to accommodate individuals reaching six foot five inches tall, meaning that it is extremely accommodating.

The chair that is included also has a sturdy metal support system that should make it a sufficiently sturdy option for most individuals. Despite its increased accommodation, you can still put it together and take it apart in a matter of minutes, and it can be folded down for storage or transport!

Radiant Sauna Rejuvenator

It is one of the very best portable saunas available in the market. People love it because it does what it promises and is affordable too. With three carbon fibre heating panels, the BSA6310 packs a good heating punch.

The unit is quite energy-efficient and heats up completely (150F) in around 10-15 minutes. We suggest you turn it on and let it heat up for a few minutes before you get in. You will find a heating pad with it that you can use to keep your feet warm.

One of the reasons behind its efficiency is its fully insulated triple layer setup. There is a reflective polyester inner layer along with a satin polyester outer layer. In the middle, you will find cotton insulation for improved performance. You will have to spend some time assembling the unit. It comes with a chair that also needs to be assembled before use.

The availability of additional features like holes for your feet and head and remote control make it a popular choice for most homeowners. The remote has five levels of heat temperatures and is quite accurate too.

The only downside is that you will find heating panels on the sides only. There is none available in the front. Moreover, you may find that using the heating pad is quite uncomfortable because it gets too hot to handle.

Mefeir Portable Far Infrared Home SPA Sauna

Mefeir is a highly portable sauna that is equipped with a carrying bag and a large size folding chair. You can use it for different outdoor activities, including a picnic, camping, and fishing.

The model is quite attractive to the eye, thanks to its relatively tight design. This is not an easy to install model, but you can install it when you follow the installation manual. For instance, you should install the PPV bracket before you install the cover.

It comes with steamers that relieve fatigue, melts your care away, and soothes achy muscles. And you can easily adjust the temperature to set your preferred level. With this sauna, you are assured of leaving your tiring day behind and enjoy a relaxing environment.

This infrared sauna features fireproof cotton that assures your safety when in the sauna. It also offers anti-explosion, anti-leakage, anti-dry, and auto power cut protection to boost security.

Besides, cotton cover with water-tight layer prevents the steam from running out. It also offers 4-layer insulation that prevents heat loss and can reach a maximum temperature of 140 degrees F.

Ridgeyard Portable Safe Folding Far FIR Infrared Sauna Spa Tent

Ridgeyard is a high-performing portable sauna that is capable of delivering up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit within five minutes. It features a minimalistic design hence easy to set up. It does not come with many complex tools. The sauna is light and easily foldable. This makes it an ideal travel companion.

Ridgeyard portable sauna is made of moisture-resistant material which makes it durable. The fast heating capacity of the sauna helps to save energy. You can also adjust its power using a remote control. For safety purposes, the sauna has an auto shut-off safety system. It also comes with a foldable chair.

SereneLife Infrared Home Spa Portable Sauna

What makes this SereneLife portable far infrared sauna our top choice is that it has all the features the best portable infrared sauna should have. It offers convenience, safety, comfort, infrared sauna benefits and it is offered at an attractive price. This unit uses energy-efficient and low EMF carbon fibre heating panels that emit far-infrared light to heat your body fast and sweat out the toxins leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated, relieving pain and fatigue and promoting weight loss. It is also easy to assemble and use, and you can set it up anywhere. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a sauna treatment even when you only have less than an hour to spare.

This SereneLife home spa is the best selling, and top-rated personal sauna and its owners love its ease of use and the sauna experience and health benefits it provides. It comes with a foot heating pad for warming your feet directly, a foldable chair, and an easily accessible remote heat and time controller for customizing the sauna experience. It is a complete home spa package for relaxation. When you're done, it stows away easily to await your next session.

Steamflex Therapeutic Portable Folding Steam Sauna Spa

Lightweight and collapsible, the product folds well, fitting into a pouch that makes for easy transfer and storage. It is a great product for not only home use but for a mobile spa at a client's home.

DSS-404 Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna

Another portable sauna that will provide you with the sauna experience you want is the DSS-404 Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna. It comes with a strong 800w steam generator that will provide sufficient power to provide the therapy you wish to.

The other feature of the model is the timer that allows you to set the time you want to be in your sauna. You can set a maximum of 60 minutes. It is also a beautiful product that comes with a pink or blue outline and grey colour tent.

A convenience sauna anywhere, this model comes with all the things you will require to set it up and even use it immediately. You will have an easy time setting it up, and you don't need to look for a friend to help you to assemble it.

Moreover, it is a durable product that will provide you with years of service. This means that you will find value in your money since it will be the last portable sauna you need for a long time.

WYZworks Pink Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna Room, Home Best Portable Sauna Tents

Look good while enjoying an excellent spa treatment at home. This sauna has a lovely pink finish that brightens up a place and gives you a trendy look as you relax at home. It uses an innovative technology that heats up to rejuvenate your skin, ease muscles, increase circulation, and boost metabolism. Not only ideal for fitness enthusiasts and a person in a weight-loss regime to remove toxins, reduce fatigue and stress plus more.

Constructed with dual openings with a sturdy zipper, give your hands the ultimate freedom to perform other things such as reading a book comfortably. The included head cover comes in handy for hydrating the skin and opening pores to leave it feeling soft.

100% Far Infrared Portable Sauna

This particular portable sauna is well known for two things. First, it is one of the fastest to heat up, and it has all-round heating elements that heat up and produce a good sweat in a very fast time. It is also known for being able to accommodate larger people comfortably. A lot of the other reviews about this sauna state that the heat generated by it penetrates a lot deeper than cheaper, less well-built models.


folded portable sauna

Portable saunas vary in design, but you can always fold them in the same manner. Once you have taken your model out of its carrying bag, your sauna will come to life.

When you are done, and it's time to fold it, simply push it inward on any corner and press the gear flat. From there, begin from one corner and fold it to a compact product. 

Saunas will also come with instructions on how to fold them. After folding your portable sauna, ensure that you keep it in its carrying bag to remain in top condition.

Also, store your sauna in the right place – where it won't come into contact with water to prevent mould development.

When it comes to types, people have different tastes and preferences. Some people prefer infrared, while others enjoy using steam saunas. Of course, there are some glaring differences between the two types. At the end of the day, they still give you the full benefits of using a standard sauna.

Your choice of the best portable sauna may also be guided by the budget and space available. If you have limited space, you may prefer getting a small portable sauna.

Best portable saunas have been shown to promote physical and emotional health. They provide overall well-being of your mind and body using heat that can also help you to lose weight. Portable saunas are a great product since they allow you to carry them whenever you want, meaning that you can always have the spa experience you have always wanted.

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