What is the best low EMF portable infrared sauna?

What is the best low EMF portable infrared sauna?

Portable Infrared Saunas are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason, they provide an enormous amount of healing benefits, both for the body and for the mind. However, people that are aware of the dangers of EMF radiation often wonder, is a portable infrared sauna safe? This is a very valid question and one I want to take a serious look at. In this enormous guide, I'm going to answer all the questions you have ever had about infrared Saunas, as well as recommend the best low EMF portable infrared saunas on the market.

Low EMF Portable Infrared Sauna Buyers Guide

Before we get to the best low EMF saunas, let's talk a little bit about what I think you should be looking for. These will also be many of the categories I'll focus on in my reviews.

Since this is focused on the EMF radiation danger that can be common with infrared saunas, the first thing I'll talk about in each review, and the thing I prioritize most, is the EMF safety of the sauna. 

EMF Radiation 

There are many ways that these saunas can reduce the EMF radiation from these devices (and we'll talk about how you can measure this radiation yourself later on). Still, this must be a primary factor for the maker.


Next, we'll talk about the price of the saunas, for the most part, all of these will be quite affordable, but I'll also give you my opinion on what kind of value you are getting.


Then we'll talk about all the different available features for the sauna. This can be a really important factor, as many of these saunas are rich with features such as variable heat settings, timing options, etc.


Since you'll be in these saunas for quite a long time, it's important to find one that fits you well and is relatively comfortable for the duration. Most have one port for your head, and two more for your arms, the design of these you'll come to find out matters for the comfort of the sauna.


For pretty much all of these portable infrared saunas, you will need a folding chair, as well as a footpad. Many of these come with it, but not all of them. This is something we'll look for as well, and let you know if the sauna comes with them.

Ok, now that we've talked about some of the things you should be on the lookout for, let's take a look at my recommendations for the best low EMF infrared saunas.

Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna

This is another feature-rich, super low EMF infrared sauna that offers you portability while also providing all the terrific health benefits you need. The Durherm low EMF infrared sauna is right near the top of our list. You'll find a lot of value and function; this infrared sauna provides people who need great performance that won't take up too much space.

This portable, far infrared sauna offers the lowest EMF testing results we have found. If you have an EMF hypersensitivity and are looking for a lowest-of-the-low EMF portable sauna, this is going to be the best infrared portable sauna you will find.

Another strong point of the Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna is the three separate FIR sauna heaters. The FIR sauna heating panels are constructed from ultra-thin Japanese made Tourmaline panels that emit both infrared waves and negative ions.

Features: A lot of thoughtful design went into this portable infrared sauna as well. First of all, it has a larger internal cabin than other portable saunas so that you can have a little more room for movement, or to extend your legs a bit. When you are finished, the portable sauna folds up into a small package so you can store it away.

Ports on the top and front of this infrared sauna provide your head and hands freedom of movement for reading, watching TV, or listening to music, etc. The Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna also comes with a comfortable terry cloth neck cushion that can be easily removed for washing. As a bonus, they even provide an extra neck cushion.

Warm-up Time: Since there are three tourmaline FIR panels, that means shorter warm-up time and less waiting around. The surface temperature on the heat panels ranges from 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit. That is plenty of heat, and you should be experiencing a good drenching sweat in about 20 minutes.

The wired handheld controller allows you to make temperature adjustments without opening the sauna, and also set a timer when desired. Time settings are adjustable in increments of five minutes and range from five up to sixty minutes. Also included with this portable infrared sauna, you receive a heated footpad and a folding sports chair.

EMF Levels: The tourmaline FIR panels that heat the Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna are known to aid in the detoxification process, and they also produce vastly lower levels of EMF when compared to other panel heating designs on the market today. Levels of EMF range from 5-15 milligauss, which is extremely low compared to other panel-heated portable saunas on the market.

If you are in the market for a portable infrared sauna that minimizes EMF's while maximizing comfort and features, we are sure that the Durherm Low EMF Infrared Sauna will exceed your expectations.

different coloured far infrared sauna

IdealSauna Negative Ion Far IR Portable Sauna

Lastly, we come to the fifth item on this list, and the slot goes to the IdealSauna Portable Infrared Home Spa.

It's a pretty good unit to get for your home and its one that offers true value for your money.

It's got the accessories and features that you would expect from a portable infrared sauna and here are the things that you can expect from it:

Low EMF Levels: It may not be the lowest but based on reviews from different users, it's still one of the best out there.

It uses some carbon panels that help in producing infrared heat while releasing some negative ions that can reduce the EMF radiation.

The readings only show around 10 mG to 13 mG of EMF radiation which is something that's quite higher than the recommended but is still lesser compared to the other saunas in the market.

Accessories: Just like the other portable saunas in the market, IdealSauna has a fold-able chair and a footpad that heats to provide overall comfort whenever you need it.

And there's also a remote that only goes up to 30 minutes for the timer which is quite odd because most people would want to spend more than 30 minutes relaxing in portable spas.

Heat-Up Time: Desired heat takes around 5 minutes before it can be achieved according to the manufacturer which is a bit slow compared to the other saunas I have listed above so be sure to keep this factor in mind if you're after quick comfort and relaxation.

Cabin Size: It's one of the portable infrared saunas out there that is in the mid-range category in terms of cabin size. It certainly is not the smallest one, but it's not as large and comfortable as the top 1 candidate in this list; the Durherm.

Price: In terms of price, IdealSauna belongs to the low-end category for infrared saunas, but it's a fair price considering the features and capabilities that it has.

So now that we're done talking about the top 6 Low EMF portable infrared saunas that are available in the market let us discuss the details of how these saunas work, discover the benefits that they offer and why you should be getting one that has low EMF.

We're also going to talk about the ways in which you can measure the level of radiation that they emit. Let's start by learning more about Infrared light.

Loozys Rejuvenator Portable Infrared Home Sauna Spa Review

I wanted to review this sauna because it is just a quality unit. It does not have the lowest radiation, and in fact, it will be a bit higher than the previous three. However, it is nice enough of an infrared spa that it is worth taking a look at.

Accessories: The Loozy home sauna comes with a fairly nice foldable chair, as well as a nice infrared footpad and a handy remote. Just like the last sauna we reviewed, the remote lets you set both the temperature of the spa as well as set a timer to have it automatically turn off so you can focus on relaxing.

Setup: The Loozy is easy to set up and take down. Although I'm not a huge fan of the look and design, the reviews are positive.

Comfort: Reviews really favoured the comfort of the unit. It has a fairly large cabin size that should work for just about anyone.

Price: The Loozy is very reasonably priced, and falls on the low end of the scale when it comes to portable infrared saunas.

Health Benefits: The Loozy provides all the health benefits you would expect from a portable infrared sauna, such as detoxification, relief from aches and pains, increased circulation, and significant relaxation.

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Portable Infrared Sauna

With some portable saunas tipping the scales at over $1000, this low EMF infrared sauna can save you some cash while still providing great results. The Radiant Saunas BSA6315 offers nearly all the same features of high-end portable IR saunas at a fraction of the price.

Yes – the portable infrared saunas above offer lower EMF readings, but this sauna off-sets that minor difference with comfort, reliable results, and by saving in energy costs as well.

This infrared sauna can also accommodate all body types due to the oversized design. Individuals pursuing healthier living and weight loss can benefit greatly from the many other health benefits provided by this portable infrared sauna as well. Let us dig a little deeper into the features and details.

Features: This spacious portable sauna offers many of the features you would expect of a high-end infrared sauna, but obviously at a fraction of the price. With super fast setup and heating times, you can squeeze in a great sauna therapy session any time.

wooden portable sauna

Radiant Saunas BSA6315 Portable Sauna

Even though this infrared sauna folds down to a minuscule 41.33-in L x 33-in W x 5.11-in H, when in use it is designed to accommodate individuals up to 6 feet 5 inches tall! That's something you won't find in many portable infrared saunas.

The front of this sauna features compartment zippers for accessing the sauna as well as extending your hands and arms as desired. On the face of the cabin, you are provided two storage pockets that are perfect for storing the fingertip handheld controller, or any other items you might want within reach.

Warm-up Time: With one warming panel on each side, and two more on the rear, this portable infrared sauna warms up quickly. After the first initial use, you will find this portable sauna gets hot in about 5-10 minutes. And the four warming panels will provide you with a good sweat within 20-30 minutes.

We like the chair that is included with this model. It has a much more robust and comfortable design when compared to some of the other chairs that are usually offered. One feature that makes this chair different is the padded armrests. That might seem somewhat trivial, but it is just more comfortable spreading out a bit.

EMF Levels: We didn't see any stated manufacturers specifications regarding EMF levels for this sauna. With that said, this infrared sauna is ETL approved for low EMF levels, so you can be sure that EMF readings won't exceed 2.5 milligauss. Testing with an EMF detector shows readings dropping below 2 mG when you are 3 inches or more away from the emitters, meaning the chair position has very low EMF readings.

If you are looking for an affordable, low EMF portable infrared sauna, the Radiant Saunas BSA6315 has exactly what you are looking for. With great features you'll only find in higher-end models, you won't be disappointed with this low EMF portable sauna.

infrared sauna

Relax Far Infrared Sauna

This is the most expensive portable sauna we reviewed, and it is easily one of the best performers. Relax saunas produce only the very best of quality infrared saunas, with 95%-100% far-infrared, resulting in pain relief and purifying detoxification.

The way the heat is distributed throughout the Relax Sauna is both unique and very smart. The relaxed sauna uses forced air from two far-infrared blowers located at the bottom front of the portable sauna. Each blower has a 750 Watt output and circulates the infrared heat within the sauna.

When compared to radiant panel designs, the Relax Sauna heats up faster and minimizes EMF exposure due to the generator placement. And if you open the zipper, this infrared sauna maintains consistent temperatures much better, as opposed to the slower warm-up of radiant panels.

Features: This Relax Sauna features unique infrared technology with 40 patented ceramic chips that you will only find in a Relax far infrared sauna. These ceramic chips are tuned to emit far-infrared within a frequency range of 4.4 to 14.4 microns, which is exactly why this infrared sauna provides unique benefits.

This frequency range provides the perfect environment for the body to absorb infrared and allows this portable sauna to maximize your core temperature while also increasing your metabolism. Because of this infrared technology, this portable sauna emits remarkably high and clean levels of infrared.

You also get the other benefits that accompany far infrared technology, such as boosting your circulation and building-up your lymphatic system.

Warm-up Time: If you want to get a good sweat, the relaxing heat of this portable sauna will have a lot to offer. This low EMF sauna cranks out 1500 watts of far-infrared energy and heats up much faster than other portable saunas. The Relax Far Infrared Sauna comes up to temperature in less than 30 seconds, so you won't be wasting time waiting around.

Beyond the detoxifying health benefits of the portable infrared Relax Sauna, you will also experience the beautifying and anti-aging benefits. Plus it promotes faster weight loss, lower blood pressure, and better circulation.

Other helpful benefits include excellent treatment of chronic conditions like limes disease and arthritis. The cleansing and detoxifying ability of this infrared sauna promote wound healing as well as the release of stored heavy metals within the body.

EMF Levels: One of the huge benefits of the far-infrared heat within this Relax Sauna is that it keeps EMF levels low. Now, we mean that quite literally. The Relax Sauna produces extremely low magnetic field exposure due to the design, as well as the low placement of the far-infrared generators.

EMF readings show that this unit generates nearly no magnetic field whatsoever above your lower legs. EMF readings measured in milligauss from the chair position come in at ~0.17 mG. Realistically, it's worth noting that your EMF meter is likely to pick-up background magnetic fields from outside the unit as well. But 0.17 mG is well below anything of concern.

Overall, this portable infrared sauna doesn't disappoint. With very low EMF, excellent health benefits, high temperatures, quick warm-up time, and a myriad of features you won't find in other portable saunas, the Relax Far Infrared Sauna gets our stamp of approval.

FIR-Real Low EMF Portable Infrared Sauna

While this is not the most popular or the best infrared portable sauna you can get, it still offers a very good bang for your buck.

It's a high-quality unit, made of durable and resistant materials that will last you a long time. It does not have the lowest EMF readings ever, but they are not alarmingly high, either.

This unit is doing a good job of keeping its EMF radiation as low as possible. Apart from that, it has some other features as well, which we will discuss further below.

Normal EMF Levels

The FIR-Real sauna produces minimal EMF. In this price range, it's one of the best options, if you want to keep electromagnetic pollution to a minimum.

It uses four low EMF infrared heaters; these are considered to be some of the best of their kind on the market. They emit between 4 and 14 µm of infrared heat, which is the best range you can get.

Slightly Larger Size

Compared to other infrared saunas in the same price range, the FIR-Real sauna has slightly larger dimensions.

This model is perfect for you, in case you are claustrophobic, taller, or weigh more. You won't feel constrained, and you'll have plenty of room to sit comfortably for the duration of your session.

Standard Accessories

Of course, like all other portable saunas, the FIR-Real comes with a remote controller with which you can control the heat and the length of your session.

It also includes a folding chair on which you can comfortably sit, even if you are heavier.

You can also use a removable footpad (14 x 12 in.) which both emits FIR radiation and keeps your feet warm.

Five Temperature Settings

The FIR-Real portable sauna generates temperatures ranging from 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the perfect range in which to promote blood and activate lymph circulation.

You can control the heat by choosing one of the five preset temperature settings, and enjoy the most comfortable one for yourself.

Anti-Odor and Antimicrobial Properties

This portable sauna uses high-quality materials with antimicrobial properties, which means you can use it safely for years. Its construction prevents bacteria from surviving on the walls, which also stops any odours from arising.

You should clean it regularly, which typically means just lightly wiping it with a clean cloth. Let's discuss some of the highlights and the possible points of improvement of the FIR-Real Sauna.

SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

Do you drive to the spa maybe once a week? And what are the membership fees? Maybe $10-$15 each time you go?

Let us just do the math conservatively for a minute. 52 weeks x $10 = $520 That's your cost for one year at the spa!

Of course, you get the health benefits of your time there, but you certainly don't get to take the sauna home with you at the end of the year. The SereneLife Portable Infrared Spa can save you the wasted time of driving to the spa and paying the expensive membership fees.

This is one of the big advantages of the SereneLife Portable Infrared Sauna. Within just a few months, you are saving money. You can use it at the convenience of your own home. But you can take it with you outside the home as well.

Features: As you might expect, this portable infrared sauna features a wired remote so you can adjust your settings as needed. The remote features an automatic heat setting and a timer that provides up to 60-minute therapy sessions.

Zippered openings on the face of the portable sauna allow you to read, or have a cold drink while you are enjoying your time in the heat. These openings close up tightly so you can keep the heat trapped inside for those intense sweat sessions.

When comparing this portable infrared sauna with the others we reviewed above, one place that heat often escapes is around the collar. For the price, we thought that was a minor weak point that can easily be remedied by wrapping a towel around the collar.

Warm-up Time: This unit cranks up to its maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit in less than ten minutes. That's quite fast for such an affordable infrared sauna.

This portable sauna also packs up small and only weighs 20 lbs, so you'll have no problem moving it and storing it away when finished.

EMF Levels: The Environmental Protection Agency recommends limiting EMF exposure to 0.5 mG to 2.5 mG. For example, when you are three feet away from a microwave, you are exposed to up to 25 mG.

With that in mind, we looked to the EMF readings provided by verified buyers of this portable infrared sauna. You will find mixed reviews regarding EMF levels, but our findings showed EMF levels peaking at ~2.4 mG.

If you have an EMF hyper-sensitivity and those levels might bother you, we suggest considering either the first or second low EMF portable infrared sauna we reviewed above.

As you can see from earlier in this article, there are some great health benefits that come from wise, consistent use of a quality sauna. And there is some great evidence to suggest that infrared light also has some great healing properties and health benefits. If your purpose is good health, then it only makes sense that you would want to avoid the potential harms from EMF Radiation in the process. This is a real problem that can happen when your sauna is a small electrical device so near to your body.

Hence the protections these manufacturers are striving to put in their devices so that you can have the best of both worlds. It is just really important that you know for sure that the portable sauna you have chosen is also low EMF. Hopefully, we have given you some good suggestions here.

However, remember we are only going off of the little bits of information available on the internet. We have not tested these devices ourselves. (We did find a video for you of the Durherm model being tested). All we can do in this regard is to save you time on research and give you some helpful direction along the way.

So we highly recommend that you get something like the TriField TF2 EMF Meter so that you can not only test your portable sauna, but all of the other EMF emitting electrical devices in your home as well. Hopefully, I have provided you with enough information so that you can see the importance of being able to test these things for yourself. If you get nothing else out of this article, that is what I hope that you will remember.

If you have found this article beneficial at all, please share it on your social media websites. We really appreciate it when our readers do this, and it is very helpful in getting the word out. And thank you for taking the time to read this article yourself.

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