What is the best home sauna?

So you’re thinking about buying a sauna. If you’re just getting started, you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed. Be advised that there’s a lot of information floating around out there that may be well-intentioned but which is inaccurate nonetheless.

So the question remains: “Which sauna experience is the right one for me, and what kind does Almost Heaven Saunas provide?” At Almost Heaven Saunas, we want you to make well-informed decisions so that you select the exact sauna experience you want and the right sauna to match. For that reason, we’ve provided some very basic explanations to some typical terms that you might run into when shopping around for a sauna.


AW 2L Portable Steam Sauna Spa

A great tent with many small features that actually make it a good purchase. For example, the side holes to put your legs in are well thought of feature, as you can choose to enjoy a full-body sauna or just relax your foot.

The steam is retained well inside the tent because of the cotton covering. If you buy the kit, you also get the box to put all your essential oils, which gives a nice aroma and increases the overall effectiveness of the spa.

It is perfect for any outing, and you can set it up in no time anywhere and enjoy a nice spa with your partner. There are many reasons to go for it, but it would have been better to have a few colour options.

Durherm Infrared Portable

This sauna works like a charm, especially when you decide to use essential oils. You can just forget the world and enjoy a relaxing aroma bath or just take a quick hot soak before taking a shower.

The heating is quite fast, and you can use it just at any time. There are also many vents, so if it gets too hot, there is always a way for the heat to escape. It helps in better metabolism, detoxification and improved blood circulation in the body.

Just 15 minutes per day makes a great difference. The sauna needs to be maintained well, but with that, it works longer and efficiently. A good purchase at a price quoted. The only issue is that the frame may feel a bit flimsy, but that’s not going to be a huge issue with proper care.

Dynamic Saunas Barcelona 1- or 2-Person

Though two people may be a bit of a squeeze for this sauna, it is a great compact option for a smaller home. At no additional cost, it also includes a foot warmer, chromotherapy lighting system, built-in sound, and dual control panel on the inside and outside. And, unlike larger indoor saunas, this model should not require any special wiring due to its 15-amp, 110-volt outlet requirement.

Best Sauna Reviews confirmed, “Thanks to the solid structure, you can install it anywhere in your house, including in the garage, the basement, or in a small closet.” One Costco buyer wrote that “It has taken the place of my weekly massage and is available whenever I need the stress/muscle pain relief.”

Empava EMPV-SR-H2 Sauna

For a single person, there is no flaw in this sauna. It works like magic, and you will feel out of the world using this piece. It is a sturdy unit and comes with good packaging.

It is easy to set up, though you may need another person to help you in case you are unable to lift the heavy parts. But, with two people, it takes just about an hour to fully set up and use.

It heats up really fast and goes to 140 degrees in about 20 minutes – and soaks you well. You definitely feel lighter and more energized after every session (of say 30 minutes). Well worth the money you pay!

Gizmo 3 Zone Sauna Blanket

Sauna blankets offer the same benefits as a prefabricated wooden or portable sauna, just while lying down instead. This Gizmo blanket includes three separate heating zones that can be used individually or together on the upper body, waist, and lower body.

Despite the fact that its higher price compared to other sauna blankets, it’s less expensive and more convenient than regular spa treatments. Sauna Kit Reviews wrote, “Don’t let the higher price of this blanket scare you away from the high quality that it will deliver.” An Amazon reviewer also confirmed that in comparison to monthly salon trips, “This product was totally affordable, heats even better than the salon one, and is easy to wipe clean and roll up to store until next ‘sweat session’.”

GJCrafts Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket

The GJCrafts Digital FIR Heat Sauna Blanket produces infrared that penetrates your body to promote blood circulation and increase body metabolism. It also makes you sweat more to reduce the water weight in your body and make you slimmer.

This model can be used for different purposes, including salon, hot spring, or personal beauty home care. To ensure that the model last for years, cool it down once you have finished using it and then store it.

Its far-infrared material produces 9-14um of FIR radiation, which produces resonances just like a human body. This model also leads to natural thermal effects in your body.

It is able to oxidize fat into the water, carbon dioxide, and other oxygen products and also makes you sweat to remove excessive body weight. It takes around 10 minutes to detoxify, lose your weight, evaporate, and cool down.

You can set the temperature from 35-75 degrees Celsius thanks to its controller. Also, you can set the time to run from 150-60 minutes using the same controller.

Its outer part is made of quality PU material that prevents water from getting in. And it is flexible enough to allow you to sleep in different positions.

Heat Wave Santa Fe Corner Sauna

Heat Wave’s hemlock corner sauna can heat up in just 30 minutes, and you can adjust the temperature from the inside or outside with its dual interior and exterior LED control panels. It’s full of convenient accessories like towel racks, cup holders to help you remember to hydrate, and magazine racks to store your reading material.

Blissful relaxation concluded that this model “is great if your family loves to use a sauna.” Though it has a large interior and wide benches, its design makes it easy to tuck away in the corner of your home. Several reviews didn’t recommend more than one person using it at a time, however, preferring to sprawl out to relax. It will look stunning anywhere with its bronze-tinted glass panels and colour therapy bulbs with six available colours. “Lighting is great, and the stereo system exceeded my expectations,” said one buyer from Amazon. “It’s a great way to end your day.”

Idealsauna Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Portable Indoor Personal Spa

If you are always looking forward to relaxing in a sauna from the comfort of your home, the far-infrared IdealSauna by Durherm which takes as short as five-minute to heat up makes a suitable option. This portable steam sauna is a space saver hence can be used well home setup, especially where there is limited space. It folds compact, really fast and sets up very easily. Designed with cut-outs for the hands and head, this portable sauna lets you enjoy doing other things during your session. Three conductive heaters and a carbon fibre heating element heat up this sauna, and with the remote, you can manipulate the temperature and timer to suit your needs. A negative ion generator keeps the air within fresh and pure, and the foot heating pad helps warm up your body faster. IdealSauna comes with a folding chair, and the entire unit only weighs 17.85 lb making it portable.

Jacuzzi Clearlight Sanctuary 2

Best sauna is the Jacuzzi Clearlight Sanctuary 2, which is constructed from your choice of eco-certified Canadian cedar or North American basswood. This full-spectrum sauna delivers tons of power, providing deep penetration and excellent results.

The sauna utilizes medical grade chromotherapy lighting that reduces extreme low frequency (ELF) levels, shielding users from harmful exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Using digital controls via their tablet/smartphone app, users can experience interruption-free heating for their entire sauna session while enjoying their audio devices via Bluetooth and aux inputs. The roof is also ventilated in case users need some fresh air.

The Clearlight Sanctuary is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It features both a doctor-designed ergonomic bench and chiropractor-designed ergonomic backrest, ensuring a very comfortable sauna experience.

With a beautiful Italian-inspired cedar/basswood design, glass roof and LED accent lights, this sauna looks good just about anywhere. The Jacuzzi Clearlight Sanctuary 2 takes around an hour to assemble and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Jacuzzi Clearlight Premier IS-1

Our pick for Best Small-space Sauna is the Jacuzzi Clearlight Premier IS-1, a single-user unit with a classic sauna aesthetic. Constructed from eco-certified Canadian cedar and North American basswood, the Clearlight Premier IS-3 features low-ELF True Wave heaters along the back, front, and sidewalls, as well as under the bench and in the floor.

The chromotherapy lighting also has ELF shielding to protect users from harmful exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The Clearlight Premier IS-1 also boasts furniture-grade cabinets, LED accent lights, and a door handle with a smartphone slot for watching videos or listening to music in the sauna.

Other features include built-in audio speakers and interior and exterior digital keypads for adjusting sauna settings. Users can program heat settings up to 36 hours in advance, as well. Most owners completely install the sauna within one hour. A lifetime warranty backs the Jacuzzi Clearlight Premier IS-1.

Jacuzzi Clearlight Premier IS-1 – Best 4-Person Sauna

The Radiant Saunas Infrared Hemlock sauna is powered by nine, low-EMF carbon heaters strategically arranged throughout the sauna. The sauna is made from scratch-resistant Canadian hemlock that resists mould, mildew, and other microbes.

Included with the sauna is a bronze-tinted glass door. The product also comes with an audio system as well as a chromotherapy lighting system, designed to promote relaxation and relieve anxiety.

A user-friendly, LED control panel allows users to adjust the heat and light settings easily. An oxygen ionizer also provides easier breathing for users while they enjoy the sauna. A seven-year warranty backs the Radiant Saunas Infrared Hemlock sauna. Expert assembly is available for an additional charge.

Jacuzzi Clearlight Sanctuary Retreat

The Jacuzzi Clearlight Sanctuary Retreat, our Best High-End pick, epitomizes the classic Italian sauna experience. Constructed from cedar and basswood, the sauna is designed with a glass front and ceiling and features two removable benches with thick, waterproof cushions for maximum comfort.

Full-spectrum heaters at the front reduce EMF levels by a considerable margin, while additional heaters at the back and side walls offer supplemental warmth.

In addition to interior controls, owners can program and adjust sauna settings using a smartphone app on their iOS or Android device. Settings may be preset for up to 36 hours in advance. The Clearlight Sanctuary Retreat is also ideal for people with disabilities. The door handle and 1:12 ramp leading into the sauna have both been certified by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Assembly is fairly straightforward; most owners construct the entire sauna in 60 to 90 minutes. Like other Clearlight models, the Retreat Sanctuary is backed by a lifetime warranty.

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2-Person Sauna

This JNH Lifestyles sauna lives up to its name: Its high-quality construction, performance, and technology will make you feel joyous. Its LED digital control panel adjusts the session’s duration and operating temperature. Other tech accessories include an audio jack and two speakers so that you can listen to your favourite playlist or podcast.

Sauna Reviewer noted that it’s “easy to construct, with a ‘tools free’ design that means you just need to click the panels together.” Many Amazon buyers also confirmed that their purchase was a great value and easy to set up. “Great for cardio benefits, and I love meditating in it,” said one. The Joyous line is also offered in 1-person, 3-person, and 4-person models. If you want more personal space, it’s recommended to go a size larger than the number of people with which you plan to share the sauna.

KUPPET 2L Portable Folding Steam Sauna One-Person Home Sauna Spa

If heat is what you are looking for, the KUPPET 2L Portable Folding Steam Sauna is the model for you. It comes with great fabric that prevents the heat from escaping, and its inner part is waterproof. Thus, you will achieve the best slimming effect.

The model features double-sided zippers that enable you to leave your head out and take out the hands. Another thing, the model comes with a pocket where you can place your phone, remote, or any other thing.

The steam sauna comes with a remote control that will allow you to change the temperature and adjust the time by yourself. Its time range from 20-60 minutes while the temperature is preset for 6 grades; you can choose your preferred grade.

Safe and reliable, the steam pot goes off automatically when the water has dried. This means that you don’t need to worry about anything. It is also anti-high pressure and leakage-free. It is also easy to install a model that will take just 10 minutes to get in place.

Lofan Heat Sauna Blanket

This sauna blanket is perfect for taking anywhere, as it is easy to fold and carry. You can unpack, repack and set it up within minutes. You need to make sure the unit cools down completely before packing it up.

Just 15-20 minutes and this whole spa will make you feel energized, as it relieves you from stress. You can sleep in different positions because of its size. Since the material is stretchable, there is no chance your changing positions can cause any steam to leak.

You can sleep, read a book or do anything you want while you enjoy this hot steam! The stitching is neat and tamper-proof. Therefore, you can expect a perfect workout while relaxing. The only issue is that it is available in one colour only, so it may not be stylish for some.

OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna Spa

This mobile steam sauna can be popped up literally anywhere. It is completely portable and detachable, making it easy to store in the tightest of spaces. It also comes with a foldable chair that has a weight capacity of 135 pounds, a 2 L steam generator, and handheld remote control. The handheld control has six automatic timer options that allow you to choose the length of time and amount of heat that is perfect for you. The steam pot on the hand is anti-ex-plosive, anti-leaking, and has an automatic power shut off protection. Its steam power reaches a maxim of 8000 Watts and a temperature of 149 °F.

It also features a satin insulated fabric that is waterproof and prevents any loss of heat. This fabric also largely contributes to its strength and durability. And to enhance the convenience during use, it is double zippered (interior and exterior).

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenated Portable Sauna

Radiant BSA6310 is a fancy sauna that is sleek grey in colour and like others in this series comes with 3 low EMF carbon fibre heating panels approved by ETL. This polyester spa tent has a dual main zipper that makes it simpler for you to open from the inside or outside and also features sewed in pockets in which you can keep the remote control and other items. Its handheld remote is designed to operate the 6 available timer settings and 5 levels of temperatures to a maximum of 150o F. Its well-built 180 lb rated seat features tubular steel frame construction and canvas base and backrest making it not only long-lasting but also quite comfortable. Additional important features include the neck collar, which is padded and double lined to offer maximum comfort and a 6.5-ft power cord. Plug it in on 120V power supply outlet, and you are good to go.

Radiant Saunas BSA6315

Radiant BSA6315 portable sauna has a lot going for it. These include five levels of preset temperatures adjustable with a thermostat between 113oF and 150oF along with an easy-to-use remote control with 6 timer settings. It comes equipped with 4 carbon fibre infrared heating panels rated low in EMF and three-layered polyester fabric on its outside held to cotton insulation by strong lock stitches to enhance panel strength and resist moisture. It is quite roomy on the inside so you will have enough space to enjoy the dry heat emitted by the panels while comfortably seated on the sturdy 220 lb-capacity chairs. This chair features a tough steel tubular frame, cozy canvas seating area, and backrest to offer maximum support as well as padded armrests for increased comfort. Other impressive features include the zipper hand cut-outs, negative ion generator box to sanitize the sauna, 3 pockets (one large on the left and two small on the right side), the padded collar made of the soft terry fabric which closes with a hook and loop closure, and PVC carbon fibre footpad that you can operate with the remote control. A 6.5-inch power cord is long enough to offer you the flexibility that you need.

More than the detox and rejuvenation, what is striking is that the unit gives you instant heat, which feels nice on the whole body. The temperature adjustment is good.

Over a regular usage, you will also notice that it actually helps in weight loss through better blood circulation and improved metabolism. The body feels energized through the day after just 15-20 minutes of sweating in this sauna.

There was no hassle in setting up the unit, and one can use it instantly. The heating is also quite fast – like 15 minutes, and you are ready to soak. With 140, you will be sweating high when you come out of it!

Radiant Saunas Hemlock Deluxe 4-Person

Though Radiant Sauna’s Deluxe 4-person model has the most space, it also comes with the largest price tag here. But for its price, you get all the expected luxuries, such as chromatherapy lighting, bronze-tinted glass, and an integrated sound system with CD player, radio, and aux input. It’s complete with ten total carbon heaters, adjustable roof vents, and an oxygen ionizer.

Noting its interior and exterior adjustable lights, colour therapy, and sound system, one buyer from Home Depot concluded, “Overall, it is a nice sauna with good features.” If you don’t have enough space for this sauna in your basement or bathroom, consider Radiant Sauna’s 2-person version. Or, if you want to go bigger for larger groups, check out its 6-person Cedar sauna.

Red Portable Therapeutic Personal Steam Sauna Spa with Herb Box

WYZworks personal steam sauna has a unique quality considering the fact that it offers you the privilege to use the sauna on your face. It comes with a headcover that makes it possible for you to immerse your face into the heat of the spa along with your entire body. Another unique feature that sets it apart from other sauna tents is its box of herbs filled with lavender and chamomile, among others. This gives you a chance to refresh your system with the health benefits of these herbs as you continue with your session. This sauna has a steam pot that carries 2 litres of water. To keep you safe, WYZworks personal steam sauna comes with a detector that indicates the water levels and switches off automatically when the water reaches a critically low level. WYZworks personal steam sauna comes with a chair that is foldable for easy storage.

SereneLife Sauna – SLISAU10SL

You would be happy to have this product if you’re looking for a sauna for a single person that offers a good value for money. It feels like heaven when the heater gives the right heat to all parts of the body, especially important points on the back and feet.

You can relax and sit, read a book or do whatever you like. You can set the temperature to your comfort level with the remote, and the heat gets adjusted quite fast. It is great for rejuvenation after a long day.

Regular usage also helps in reducing weight faster as the machine makes you sweat. One more awesome feature is that you can carry it along easily and store it without much hassle. With this sauna, no need to buy any other part; it’s a complete package. It may take a bit to understand the setup, though.

TTLIFE Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket

Thanks to the 9-14um, this sauna causes effective thermal effects in your body that helps to oxidize fat into the water, carbon dioxide, and other oxygen elements. As your body sweats, so does your weight reduction to enjoy a slimmer and fitter body.

Another feature of the model is the convenient thermostat that makes it easier to control the sauna. It will only take you 10 minutes to detoxify, lose weight, evaporate, and cool down.

Furthermore, the controller enables you to adjust the temperature from 35-75 degrees Celsius with ease. And you can easily set the time from 15-60 minutes. Also, the model comes with slimming blankets in all areas that detoxify your body and allow you to lose weight.

The model’s outer part is made of premium quality PU material that prevents water from getting into your sauna. And the sauna is quite flexible, and it allows you to take your preferred sleeping position.

This gear can hold a maximum of 440.9 pounds, and its hot wire is highly flexible to prevent any risk. When the temperature reaches 85 degrees, the sauna will go off and ring an alarm. The model works pretty well.

All sauna models provide a myriad of health benefits; the range of sauna styles allows you to find exactly the right fit for your needs and budget. This infographic explains the differences between the most popular types of sauna—traditional (steam), and infrared.

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