Interior View of a Large Steam Shower Room


The popularity of steam showers has increased significantly over the last few years as they have been installed on various home renovations shows.
What better way to start the day then having a quick steam and shower before work without leaving your master ensuite/bathroom.
The best time to install a steam shower is during a new house build or when renovating a bathroom. The planning process and rough-in for steam lines plus control wires is far easier when the framework is open and exposed.
For existing showers, depending on the location and the way it was constructed it may be possible to convert to a steam shower.
Steam showers can be any size, from a standard 900 x 900mm shower to a luxurious 2000 x 1500mm steam cabin.


Steam showers follow the same design guidelines as outlined for Custom Built Steam Rooms with the addition of a shower.
Consider the type of shower head you want to use as this may determine the ceiling height.
If space is limited, consider using fold down seats to make more room when showering.
An extraction fan will be required for the shower, but not used while the steam is on. An inline fan with damper is best as it stops constant steam escaping from the steam shower. As most showers have a frameless glass door which will allow steam to escape you should consider another extraction just outside the shower as well.
Most showers have frameless glass doors which are not able to be well sealed. Look to have the minimum gap possible around the door. Glazing trims are an options to help seal around glass doors but these can come loose with the extra warmth and humidity of the steam.

Exterior View of a Large Steam Shower Room
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