Are Home Saunas Worth It?

Is It Worth It to Have Home Saunas

All of us have thoughts and preferences on our home and lifestyle, and the decisions we make that define these things. For some, they may look at their home and not have any space for a sauna. Or, they may think they wouldn’t get any benefit from a sauna installed inside their bathroom or elsewhere on their property. While you can certainly opt for not having a sauna, investing in a sauna is worth it for the health benefits.

Unless you’re from Finland, where there are more saunas than cars, you may have never considered adding a sauna to your home. Although it’s a significant expenditure, once constructed, a sauna adds value to the home, requires very little upkeep and can provide many health benefits.

Whether you purchase a pre-cut sauna package or a pre-built, free-standing sauna, your sauna will take up a lot of space in your home. At-home saunas are generally anywhere from 3×4 feet to 8×10 feet, so in all likelihood, you will have to relocate some of your furniture to an attic, basement or storage unit. When choosing a location for your sauna, make sure there are a waterproof floor and access to a 220- to 240-volt electrical hookup for the heater. Also, you may want to place your at-home sauna near a shower for convenience.

Unlike swimming pools and hot tubs, saunas rarely require maintenance. Aside from periodically cleaning the floor, you can leave saunas alone entirely. All types of sauna heaters – electric, gas and wood – have few moving parts and rarely break down.

Saunas are small rooms with heated temperatures, making the person inside it sweat furiously as a form of detoxification. There are saunas that use rocks as part of their heating element, while others leverage infrared light. Both types of heating elements generate a temperature of about 150 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some people frequently visit sauna spas because of the advantages that it brings to their overall health and wellness. If you are one of these individuals who are regular at sauna spas, then consider getting your home sauna to have a relaxing experience even in the comfort of your own home, anytime you want to. If you have limited space inside the house and you have a large yard, consider some cool outdoor varieties of a home sauna. The best ones have a spacious set up, allowing a number of people to fit inside because of its barrel shape. Check out Portable Sauna Melbourne specialists in providing solutions to your problem.

Whenever you are going to add something to your homes, such as a sauna or pool, you want to know if the benefits are worth the expense. You are about to set out on an interesting process when choosing the right sauna for you because there are many things to consider before making your final decision. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas you should consider!

Personal Experience

You have probably heard a lot of great things about saunas, such as therapeutic benefits. What you may not have realised is the great selection of saunas that are available. Saunas now range from your traditional dry heat saunas to infrared saunas. You will want to take some time to make an informed decision regarding which type is best for your needs. Being able to visit a well-stocked showroom like the one here at the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company is a real bonus because it allows you to see many of the features first hand.

Fitting in with the Home Ambiance

Of course, if you are going to be adding a sauna to your home, you want it to work well with the ambience and decor. This means that the right style and components are worth careful consideration. Having options is important, such as the type of wood that it is constructed from as well as a selection of quality wood finishes. Colour is also something that you want to consider to ensure that it matches your home.

Upping the Value of Your Home

When considering the quality of the sauna you are thinking of buying, keep in mind the value it can add to your home should you ever want to sell it! A low-quality sauna is not going to last very long and, as it wears down both in looks and performance, it can become a liability regarding your home resale rather than an asset. On the other hand, when you choose a good quality sauna that is well maintained, you can add value to your home.

The Savings

Once you have selected the right sauna for you, also consider the potential savings that the home sauna can give you. Suppose you are keen on finding venues for relaxation. In that case, you surely know it is not inexpensive for you to head off to places geared towards relaxation, especially if there are other family members involved. Day spas are pricey as well. Then, there is the time spent to get to these sorts of places that should be considered.

When you take into consideration all of the benefits of having a home sauna, it makes sense why so many people continue to choose a sauna to relax and rejuvenate!

Investing in a sauna is worth it for the health benefits


The first objection a lot of us have to buy a sauna is the question, where are we going to put it? The answer may not be so obvious. If it’s an infrared sauna, you don’t need a water source, meaning it doesn’t require a bathroom installation like a steam room or traditional sauna. Therefore, you can set it up in your garage, in a guest room, in your bedroom, or even build it outside in a separate room altogether. It’s up to you where you want to put your sauna. Surely, somewhere in the house, there’s space!


Before we get into the health benefits, is it worth it to invest in a sauna – if you’re into luxury. Saunas have been used for hundreds of years, used to heal and restore the body. Sauna designs are more luxurious than ever, allowing you to choose materials and features to customise your experience the way you want it. Imagine having your spa at home – that’s exactly what it’s like with a sauna.

Impress your loved one

If you’re someone who dates a lot, has a romantic partner, or who is married, a sauna’s either a nice gift to give them as well or can be used to impress potential mates coming over. Saunas enjoy a high perceived value, with a lot of people overestimating the costs of building and installing a sauna. Believe us when we say it makes a pleasant impression when one is visiting or staying with you.

Customise it!

You can choose from a wide array of different therapeutic and vanity features to not only give your sauna an exact look you want but to give it the function you desire. If you want aromatherapy with essential oils, colour therapy, music, or other functionality, a lot can be built into a sauna design. It’s within your living space, so it’s all accessible whenever you need it. Your leisure is waiting.

Aches and pains

If you have aches and pains, a sauna is a natural remedy for these things. Young and old alike, the stresses we put on our bodies isn’t worth carrying indefinitely. There’s a relief. Stiff joints, muscle aches, post-exercise induced soreness, and similar aches and pains can all be handled with saunas. If you have a chronic condition or injury, this is a way to provide an escape from the limitations of pain and discomfort.

It’s like having a massage

The biggest reason why homeowners buy saunas is for stress relief and relaxation. We face stress on a daily basis. We try to combat this with things like exercise, diet, massages, acupuncture, and different high-expense treatments. While some of these work, it’s not always as relaxing as saunas can be. Within minutes, you’ll instantly reduce anxiety and stress, and you’ll feel better moving forward with your day or night after having done some 20-30 minutes in a sauna.

Aids in detoxification

Detoxification of the lymphatic system is a real concern for a lot of people. After all, we routinely take in so many toxins over the course of our day – more than our ancestors did before us, by a long shot. More of us are getting sick from the number of toxins we consume with studies connecting illnesses like ALS to toxic bacteria. A sauna helps to relieve some of the stress put on our bodies by creating more efficiency in our internal systems.

Contemporised your home

Far and away from the health benefits of a sauna is what it does for one’s vanity and property value. Buying a sauna will increase your property value, providing you with yet another selling point. There’s a lot of furnishings you can add to increase your home’s value. A sauna’s a contemporary look you can give to any home, and no one will argue against it. It’s gorgeous, sophisticated, and sleek, and the benefits are well-studied and well-known.

Relieves nasal congestion in colds and flu

Another great health benefit with a sauna is that it instantly clears up congestion in the nasal cavity. If this is something you’re prone to or regularly struggle with colds and flu, try a sauna. Having one in your home, it’s all the easier. When you’re feeling very sick, knowing you invested in a sauna kept in your home, you can jump in any time and find some relief. Congestion isn’t tremendously fun to live with and waiting for it to clear sometimes isn’t an option. Get rid of it!

A sauna doesn’t cost a lot to operate

Some of the concern you may have in buying a sauna is that it will cost a lot in energy and electricity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While a traditional sauna or steam room, especially older models, can increase electricity bills by a relatively significant amount, with a modern-day infrared sauna you’re not going to see your utility bills climb up all too much. To put it simply, a sauna does not cost a lot of money on energy or electricity.

How much money does it cost to operate a sauna?

If you run an infrared sauna for 1 hour in an average Canadian household, it’s going to run on average $0.12. Assuming you use a sauna an hour a day, in one month, you’ll use $5 or less in electricity. Although this varies from house to house, an investment in a sauna is not going to run any long-term costs in a big way. You may find it completely unnoticeable on your bill. Furthermore, these estimates are assuming it’s being run every day. If that’s not the case, the cost will be lower. Also Portable Sauna Melbourne page which has everything Portable Sauna related that you might need

Sauna maintenance

Sauna maintenance doesn’t involve much. Unless there’s a problem with the tech – and there shouldn’t be – nothing needs replacing or servicing. If you use your sauna correctly, little maintenance will be needed. If you do need something replaced due to damage or whatever the case may be, your vendor can likely provide the pieces you need to complete your sauna. Homeowners that are concerned they’re committing to something that could take up time or possibly cause damage to their property, as long as it’s installed correctly there should be no worries.

It’s the only way you’re getting a spa at home

The short-term benefit of a sauna is you essentially create your spa right from home. If you want to pamper yourself or someone else, a spa day with some time in a sauna, a nice shower, some moisturising, a facial, and whatever else works. It’s an excellent investment, contributing value to your life and the property itself. A quality sauna’s a good return on investment, no question. As long as you don’t skimp on the quality, you’ll have a sauna ready decades down the line.

What is the best type of home sauna?

The best saunas to install in your home should be those with top of the line performance and providing excellent value for your money. As saunas are more inexpensive than they’ve ever been, this has meant some low-quality models making their way into the marketplace. Steam Saunas doesn’t do low-quality models. We provide saunas to gyms, hotels, spas, and commercial establishments all over North America. Our models are built well, made from high-quality materials, and worth the investment!.Looking for Sauna Melbourne? Look no further, Portable Sauna has you covered.

Drawbacks of putting in a sauna

Saunas take up a fair amount of space, and they’re not a universally appealing home feature. A family with young kids, for example, might specifically not put in an offer on the house with a sauna. As such, if you choose to install one, you may not get your money back when you go to sell your home, and you may find that having one is an impediment to finding a buyer.

Furthermore, the introduction of a steam sauna into your home could raise concerns about moisture issues. It’s a known fact that excess moisture can lead to mould problems, which you certainly don’t want. And while proper installation and ventilation can mitigate that risk, it’s something to be aware of.

Where to put a sauna

If you’re going to add a sauna to your home, you’ll need to be strategic about where you put it. If you have a large master bathroom, you may have the option to convert part of it to a sauna, which is convenient since you’ll need a water source for your steam. Your basement may also be a good spot for your sauna. Either way, make sure to put it someplace with tile floors, which are unlikely to sustain damage if moisture gets out.

You might also consider installing a sauna as its structure on your property. If you have a large enough yard, doing so will help you conserve precious indoor space.

Keep in mind that you may have more options, location-wise if you choose an infrared sauna over a more traditional steam sauna. This is because infrared saunas don’t require a water source; they use electromagnetic radiation to generate heat.

Saunas appear safe for most people. However, people with uncontrolled high blood pressure and heart disease should check with their doctors before taking a sauna.

Here are some general precautions:

  • Avoid alcohol and medications that may impair sweating and produce overheating before and after your sauna.
  • Stay in no more than 15–20 minutes.
  • Cooldown gradually afterwards.
  • Drink two to four glasses of cool water after each sauna.
  • Don’t take a sauna when you are ill, and if you feel unwell during your sauna, head for the door.

Is a sauna right for you?

A sauna may not offer such a great return on investment, so if you’re going to put one in, ask yourself how likely you are to use it regularly. If you don’t expect to use it that often, you may be better off saving your renovation dollars for something else and visiting a local spa on occasion. Check out our range of Portable Sauna Melbourne to help with your problem.

Another option you might consider is getting a steam generator for your shower instead of a sauna. That way, you’re not monopolising extra space inside your home, but you get a similarly relaxing experience.

To wrap things up, go ahead and invest in a home sauna because through it, you will be able to detox and soothe your tired muscles. A sauna can also help you shed off your excess weight. It is also an avenue where you can relax, keep things off your mind, and de-stress. The best part is after you sweat it out, you will instantly feel soft and supple skin. Thereby, now is the perfect time to consider getting yourself a home sauna because it is worth it.

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